Month: July 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Other Shows HBO Considered Before Deciding On Confederate

Managed to get my hands on this internal memo circulated at HBO. Some pretty interesting titles here. I’m still rooting for Rosa Parks and Rec!! (Full text below)



Hey HBO,

Here are some other ideas we’re kicking around. Looking forward to your thoughts!!


GROUNDHOG MLK DAY – In the spirit of the acclaimed and beloved GROUNDHOG DAY, this series will re-live the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King over and over and over and over again. Each week, the audience will get the opportunity to see the assassination from many angles they never knew they wanted to see before.


JAMES CROWE – Superhero anti-heroes are all the rage these days, right? (read: Deadpool, Batman-those are the two that come to mind, anyway, so we’re gonna call that a trend). So why not create a Civil Rights-era anti-hero for us to hate, study, and learn from?? James Crowe is just a regular dude who just hates black people. That’s his whole deal. This series will follow his journey from regular citizen to political machinist slash lynch mob organizer. Every episode, he’ll come up with a new way to fuck over people who are darker-skinned than him. But also, he’s really charming in that Bradley Cooper/Littlefinger sort of way.


BOYCOTT BOYBAND – People also love musicals right now, right? We keep seeing all these Hamilton posts, so we figure that’s like a whole thing now. BOYCOTT BOYBAND combines the heartbreak of segregation with the joy of four-part harmony. Yes, people are getting fire-hosed, but also yes, they’re singing about it and cutting an album. We’re thinking of partnering with Harry Styles on this one. Each week, audiences will get to see visceral images of people being violently arrested while the sweet, dulcet tones of our favorite Motown quartet delivers a soundtrack that is sure to please!!


ROSA PARKS AND REC – A mockumentary-style (this is still a cool thing to do right?) series that shows us the quirky side of everyone’s favorite Civil Rights Era icon. From the back of the bus to in front of the camera, she’s a Pam Beasley for a new generation!! (Possible to get Jenna Fischer to play titular role?)


CIVIL WRONGS – It’s a procedural where every week, an African American person or family will try to use the court system of the United States to protect themselves and win their civil rights. But here’s the kicker: Every week, they will lose!! The good news is that this will be deeply painful to watch and the better news is that we’ll probably get several Emmys for it. Thinking of Peter Dinklage for the lead.


Which one of these are you most interested in tuning in to? If you let us know which one and why in the form of a slave narrative, you might be eligible for a walk-on role in Season 4!!


Here were some other fantastic ideas for programming. What was your favorite?


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Carl Knows Casting: A Short Play By The Oreo Experience

They say “write what you know,” so I transcribed this interaction that happened like 6 days ago.



The Oreo Experience – You know me. I love Renaissance Fairs. I’m not the best in social situations. I make a real effort to attend Edwardian Era dance classes.

Carl – An educated professional.

Harriet – A coworker who I know reads this blog. Hi “Harriet!” Feel free to correct any inaccuracies you see below.




THE OREO EXPERIENCE, CARL, and HARRIET enter TOE’s office, finishing a conversation. 

Have you thought about acting?

Haha! Sometimes. I mean, I perform every now and then.

You could be in that movie where the girls all go to Vegas!

You mean Rough Night with Kate McKinnon! I would love that! Love her!

No, no. The other one. With the black girls.

Girls Trip?

Yeah! That one! You can be in that one!

Why can’t I be in Rough Night?

(incredulously. it’s important that the actor deliver this line with the amount of “duh” that was in the original)
Because they’re all white. You should be in the other one.

I would so be besties with Kate McKinnon.

You can’t hang out with Kate McKinnon.

I can definitely hang out with Kate McKinnon. I mean, I had a dream where she and I made out for like 17 minutes, so I think I’m good on the Kate McKinnon front.

You’ll just fit in better with the black girls.



You know that I made a whole web series about how I dress up in Victorian gear and speak in an English accent whenever possible. Just gonna go out on a limb here and say that Rough Night might be the film for me.

The Oreo Experience then plays the following pieces for Carl.

The Oreo Experience closes her browser window and turns back to Carl.

Huh. Well, maybe after you finish working on that, they’ll let you be in Girls Trip.




Discussion Questions:

  • Considering both of these films are both completed and already distributed, should I be in Rough Night or Girl’s Trip?
  • How are TOE’s steadfastness and commitment to composure first made clear in the play? In what ways, during the course of the play, is she the victim of her own habits? Are these features eventually responsible for her happiness or sorrow?
  • What is the playwright suggesting about capitalism?
  • Discuss Winston as an heroic icon. What qualities help him define his own role?
  • Do you think Harriet should have had more lines?
  • What does the cherry orchard signify?
  • Have you started following Black Girl in a Big Dress on Facebook, Insta, or Twitter? Why or why not?