Important Oreo Info

Not sure what this is all about?

Then read the latest definition of an Oreo and check out our FAQ page. Like Noxema or a good forest fire, these pages should clear some things up.

It's okay, we all have where do I have to go to get a decent truffle oil??


    1. I LOVE Oreos dipped in peunat butter! I have two jars opened crunchy and smooth and 4 jars as back up. I keep extra jars for hurricane food but they get eaten anyway!

  1. After meeting you in person at a recent show in West L.A., I realize that I am not alone. However if two Oreos hook up isn’t that just another all black couple. But you should know who drake is, i think he is really an Oreo. Shout out to my IBPs.

    1. Still not clear about this Drake person.

      And yes, it’s a classic Oreo dilemma. We love other Oreos, but can’t hang around with them. Other people will see and think that we’re just RBP. And we might get to talking about culturally relevant issues that could send us into RBP-land. And that’s a scary place. Even with an updated passport.

  2. Wow… Stumbled across this site while perusing the web on current issues blacks (myself included) face. Particularly the issue of being considered an “Oreo”. I’m glad to see there are others. Keep up the good fight!

      1. Hmmm, paper bag test,
        1) makes sure you got a tester proud of Dutch, English, Irish or Scottish ancestry and bet some money with him or her that you’ll pass the paper bag test, as in you bet that you won’t pass.
        2) Get a dark paper bag.

    1. Can I make the balls, freeze them, take them out 24 hours brofee the event, dip them and then put them in the refrigerator until the party the next day at 1pm? I am dipping these in white almond bark and coating them in sanding sugar. I really want to make them today then freeze them. I just know I wont have time to dip them the day of.

  3. If I’m an Oreo, I’m fried with a mystery Adobo, Goya, Sazon filling. The pack they only put out at Halloween, April Fool’s or the “while supplies last” Latin Heritage edition. 😉

  4. Hello all,
    Began perusing your blog after stumbling across your first “Why I Don’t Date…” video that was linked to a Black Women & THUGS video on YouTube (care of Mr. JunebugObama?). I love your comedy, cut/paste video snippets and find it all quite clever!

    I guess I come from a similar background as you (single child, son of engineer & librarian) and would be considered an oreo (not Oreo, that’s a name brand) to many. But as I continue through my collegiate education I have embraced my individuality more (it did help that I attended one of the most “Oreo stuffed” post secondary institutions in America, Morehouse College). Your blog has risen to the top of my daily online checklist, and will continue to help me to navigate my newly found desires of offroad rock-crawling, in large diesel pickup trucks, lifted 12 inches with 40 inch mud tires.

    Power To The (well- read, traveled, dressed, spoken & balanced) PEOPLE!!

  5. Hello,

    First off, great site. Wish I knew about it during my teen years. It would’ve made it easier to fantasize about OBP forbidden love. *drum roll* I’m an Oreo with an asterisk though. I’m Dominican but you could never tell I’m hispanic. Godspeed on your Oreo adventure called “life”. You’re a inspiration to all Oreos, including the hispanic ones.

  6. there are all kinds of oreos these days vanilla , vanilla with chocolate in the middle different strokes for… well you know.. I dont reply much to blogs but this one is different.. you will be hearing from me ! why havent I seen you on tv yet????

  7. Very real and kinda sarcastic! I like it! Some parts were long, but the majority of all of your posts tongue-in-cheek. Smiles here!

  8. Reading this blog makes me feel…black. I always thought I was ultra unblack. -___- No way in hell Ive accumulated enough Oreo points. I bought a box of perfectly made Popeye’s and now I have to throw it out (compost?) Curse you witty blog!!!!!!

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