Word of the Week

Word of the Week – Oreola

Oreola (or-ee-ohl-uh) – n. The area around an Oreo. A small, specialized location that many are drawn to for its ability to lighten one’s mood and provide safety and comfort.

The Oreo itself may be dark, but the area around it is filled with the whitness radiating from within

(thanks, CM)


Word of the Week – White Lie

White Lie – (n) A minor, polite or harmless fib necessary to conceal a small lack of intimate knowledge of the preferred society. For example, an Oreo saying that s/he enjoyed the “performance” at Belcourt Castle instead of regaling listeners with details of the Dracula Ballet. 

Word of the Week – TPSD

TPSD – Acronym that stands for “Tyler Perry Stress Disorder” and describes the condition that occurs when an Oreo is exposed to certain ethnic programming. Like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), TPSD can cause sleeplessness, depression and an inability to experience positive feelings such as love or happiness.