Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura Schlessinger is quitting radio in December after saying the n-word a bunch of times to a caller who was

Talking sense into black people.


Please, oh please, read the transcript here. So worth it.

In the broadcast, a black caller asks if her white husband’s white friends are in the wrong for making racial jokes around her, berating her with stereotypes and sometimes using the n-word.

Here’s are some gems from the conversation.

CALLER: How about the N-word? So, the N-word’s been thrown around —

SCHLESSINGER: Black guys use it all the time. Turn on HBO, listen to a black comic, and all you hear is nigger, nigger, nigger.

CALLER: That isn’t —

SCHLESSINGER: I don’t get it. If anybody without enough melanin says it, it’s a horrible thing; but when black people say it, it’s affectionate. It’s very confusing. Don’t hang up, I want to talk to you some more. Don’t go away.

I’m Dr. Laura Schlessinger. I’ll be right back.

I must say, I was pretty upset when I read this.

This caller is obviously a fantastic Oreo and she’s not embracing it!!!

First, she married a white guy. Kudos to her for trading allegedly smaller manhood size for definitely bigger circles of social acceptance.

Second, the fact that her husband’s friends use this kind of language around her doesn’t prove that they’re jerks…it proves that they’re comfortable around her! I bet they don’t use those words around RBP (aka The Others) because RBP are scary, will get mad and might cut you if you say such a thing.

But an Oreo, knowing that it’s more important to save face than make a point, will keep quiet and let you ask how she washes her relaxed hair.

Why get mad at Dr. Laura? Some of her best friends are black. Really. She talks about it in the transcript.

SCHLESSINGER: No, no, no. I think that’s — well, listen, without giving much thought, a lot of blacks voted for Obama simply ’cause he was half-black. Didn’t matter what he was gonna do in office, it was a black thing. You gotta know that. That’s not a surprise. Not everything that somebody says — we had friends over the other day; we got about 35 people here — the guys who were gonna start playing basketball. I was going to go out and play basketball. My bodyguard and my dear friend is a black man. And I said, “White men can’t jump; I want you on my team.” That was racist? That was funny.

So if anyone knows what’s appropriate in mixed contexts, it’s L.S.

CALLER: I can’t believe someone like you is on the radio spewing out the “nigger” word, and I hope everybody heard it.

SCHLESSINGER: I didn’t spew out the “nigger” word.

CALLER: You said, “Nigger, nigger, nigger.”

SCHLESSINGER: Right, I said that’s what you hear.

CALLER: Everybody heard it.

SCHLESSINGER: Yes, they did.

CALLER: I hope everybody heard it.

SCHLESSINGER: They did, and I’ll say it again —

CALLER: So what makes it OK for you to say the word?

SCHLESSINGER: — nigger, nigger, nigger is what you hear on HB —

CALLER: So what makes it —

SCHLESSINGER: Why don’t you let me finish a sentence?


What do you think? Should she quit? Or keep working to make more Oreos via the airwaves.


  1. I don’t think she should quit. I think she had a point, but it was the wrong time/place to make said point. Clearly the caller was the wrong person to take that out on. I know for sure I get aggravated with the black people who put double standards on white people but obviously that lady wasn’t that way. I thought it was outlandish but EVERYTHING L.S. does it outlandish, she’s been berating people on the radio for decades, this isn’t really the worst thing I’ve ever heard her say to someone. I stopped listening to her 10 years ago because she would piss me off, lol.

  2. She enrages me to the point where I can’t joke about it. The sheer levels of self-hatred that woman must have are staggering. I wish she’d turn it inward instead of attacking everyone else.

  3. Is this really how LS typically is? I feel like I heard something about her blaming a woman for being the victim of domestic violence once, but I’m not 100% on that one. I’ve never really listened to her.

    Did you see Sarah Palin’s supportive tweets today?

  4. I think she should quit but not just because of this.
    She should quit because she thinks her stark and cruel comments help people…Really? The world has enough pain and enough ugliness. What she passes off as straight shooting truth is just an excuse for being negative and critical. If she really was a good doctor she would be a good healer. Putting someone down or alienating someone doesn’t seem to be effective healing…

  5. Geez, did L.S. have lead paint on her crib bars as a kid or something? She’s pretty dim-witted for a doctor. I’m too busy wondering how on Earth she managed to get a radio show to be offended…

  6. I’m glad Dr. Laura did quit. She does have a 1st ammendment right to say whatever she wants no matter how stupid or offensive, but she shouldn’t be pissed off when people use their 1st ammendment right to boycott her show, sponsors, or say whatever they think about her. Freedom of speech works both ways. It’s not really slander if it’s true.

  7. If I can’t get her to move to an Ashram and spend the rest of her life in seclusion meditating on her utter worthlessness as a human being, I’ll settle for her quitting. I do, however, think people should be allowed to say the N-word whenever they like. That makes it easier for the rest of us to determine they’re racist a-holes to be avoided like poo on the rug in the guest parlor.

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