Excuses, Excuses

Sometimes life gets all crazy and super doubly duper busy. And by “life gets all crazy and super doubly duper busy” I mean “you get a little lazy and just wanna watch back to back episodes of Law and Order: SVU, The Voice and Shark Tank instead of connecting with the outside world.”

But admitting that you’re “lazy” and “watching Ice-T on the regular” and “not running out of the room when Cee-Lo can be heard” brings an Oreo dangerously close to sounding like an RBP. So instead of copping to those personal failures, why not use one of these handy excuses instead!

When you find that you’ve neglected your work, friends and email for a while, toss out one of these gems and heads will bob and hands will clutch chests understandingly.

  • My thoroughbred needed a new trainer and you know how exhausting interviewing jockeys can be.
  • Golly, that pan-Atlantic sailing trip seems like it gets shorter and shorter every year!
  • When you’re committed to taking high tea in as many castles as possible, you really can’t focus on anything else.
  • The Romney campaign has just sucked up all my time!
  • That is the last time I hit every city on a Panic! at the Disco world tour.
  • I just couldn’t leave my house until I had knitted an afghan for every one of my Bischon Frises. I’m sure you understand.
  • When you start researching how to build a replica of Montecello, time just flies by.
  • I don’t know what happened. One minute I was watching Pride and Prejudice, next thing I know it’s fucking November!

What are your favorite excuses for slacking off? Let us know in the comments!


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    1. BBC America! Why not just BBC although I do like my Dr. Who. I need my BBC news fix also. Oh, oh, did you see those episodes when the woman went back in time and was stuck in the novel. BBC but PBS may they go down in flames.

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