Making Friends… Sort of

Not sure that the newest member of my blanchetourage appreciates exactly what he has in this Oreo! (my apologies in advance for what is, apparently, a bootie pop)

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  1. Umm… yes that was a booty pop, and uhhh… there is no reason to apologize for it.

    That second video weirded my out… but only because I have friends like that. Thus, while he may want to be your friend anyway (I learned to adapt), your best bet it to hit him with your car again and put him in the basement.

  2. Lol, if he didn’t try to get you fired for blatant harrassment, then I’d say that’s a good friend in this failing economy

  3. Real or just acting? That is one annoying voice and being gay do not make you funny.

    Had to watch the second video again to get the point because I was distracted by the annoying gay and your nice body.

  4. Nope, you just lost your Oreo Card by doing that Boody-Pop. Sh’quell-a-niqua would do that (or even have a rear that nice) but NOT a REAL Oreo…

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