Two compliments I received this week warmed my Oreo heart and reminded me that second degree scalp burns and sunscreen-induced temporary blindness are totes worth it.

The first one came after a show I did on Friday. In that show, I sang some Gilbert and Sullivan (Three Little Maids, FTW), reminisced about television shows like Donna Reed

Not to brag, but I can Mikado all. Night. Long.

and Dobie Gillis and played my flute.

Then the next day, this conversation happened between my friend and her mom who saw the show.

FriendsMom: That Indian girl was funny.

Friend: What Indian girl?

FriendsMom: The one who played the flute.

Friend: She’s not Indian. She’s black.

FriendsMom: Really?

Friend: Yeah, you know how we had that scene where we made fun of her for acting so white even though she’s black….?

FriendsMom: Huh. I thought that was just a joke. She’s really black?

Friend: Yes.

FriendsMom: …Like half black?

Friend: Just eat your Panera Bread.

That was good because even though I talked about being black, she didn’t think I was. But ultimately, it was just kind of good because she still thought I was a brown. Ick!

Last night, however, was perfect!

It was karaoke. Showtunes were sung, trivia was played very badly (Really?? Black Red and GOLD in the German flag? Gold is basically the same as yellow, we absolutely should have gotten that one) and then the KJ made my whole night.

It's effing yellow!

It was getting toward the end of the evening. I had sung twice and also started the night with trivia and spoken directly to KJ Kelly more than once. So by the time the following incident happened, she had plenty of contact with me. And at the time in question, I was sitting not five yards from her.

A guy got up to sing some rap song and made mention of the fact that the n-word might pop up.

KaraokeGuy: Is that gonna be weird?

KJ: Nah, there aren’t any black people in here.

Sometimes, there are no words, only smiles.

No slacking off, though! This weekend, I’m doing a Farmer’s Market, Grease Sing-a-Long, Tree of Life screening and sunscreen shopping trip just for good measure.


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