Truly Magical Black Person

The following clip confused me. I am totally used to seeing black people with magical powers or skills-either of a biological nature or simply the power of unlimited patience,  unending empathy and down home wisdom. But when we see it on screen, those powers have a very specific purpose.

In The Green Mile where Michael Clark Duncan CAN use his actual magic powers to heal Tom Hank’s urinary tract infection and TH’s wife’s cancer, but CAN’T use those same magical powers to clear his name and get his ass off death row. In Ghost, Whoopie Goldberg CAN use psychic abilities to help Patrick and Demi find love across the time/space, life/death continuum, but CAN’T use those same powers to get herself into decent housing.

She was, however, able to get great lamé

In The Legend of Bagger Vance, Will Smith CAN help rich Brad Pitt be even better at being rich, but CAN’T come back to life or whatever. In The Help, a movie coming out later this summer, the black mammies CAN help white writer Skeeter find purpose for her life, but CAN’T make their own lives have purpose on their own. Bubba CAN give Forrest the idea for a wildly profitable seafood restaurant but CAN’T build that business on his own. J-Hud CAN get Sarah Jessica Parker back on track but CAN’T be written in to the rest of the script once SJP feels like herself again. Dick Halloran in The Shining CAN use this telepathic powers to make Danny Torrance feel better about his own powers but CAN’T use those powers to get the hell away from psycho Jack.

Yes, there is Johnny. You knew that because you're psychic. So why not take the next logical step and get a new job...or at least put in your two weeks, then cash in in your vacay.

In Super 8 (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Dr. Woodward CAN use his super smartypantsness to thwart a government’s attempt to  torture an alien indefinitely and give a bunch of white kids a raison d’etre, but CAN’T think a way to do it other than murdering himself.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this video of a black kid using actually amazing sonic powers (I am NOT kidding about this) for…himself!!

Hmmm, I wonder whose sidekick he’ll get to be in the movie version of his life? If it’s Jon Hamm, Chris Pine or Hugh Grant, I hope he needs a plucky magical black little sister, too!

Do you have any magic powers? Do you use them for good, for evil, or for white people?

Is it weird that I think the fact that I test super consistently as an INFJ is kind of a super power? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. So when will my wife’s magical powers emerge? I was totally banking on the white side payoff of said powers when we got married and I’m still not rich, haven’t met any ghosts, and she has never spit bees at me after we kiss… I’m starting to wonder if she is defective. Do I need a reciept?

    1. Hmmm, give it a few more years. Maybe remind her of her plight? That might trigger the proper emotional response to allow the powers to manifest.

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