It Hurts So Good, II

So after my poplock debut this weekend, I had to get back to my Oreo ways and content myself with some anglo-tastic stuff post haste!

To erase any unintended ethnic affect, on Sunday, I  bought some crossstitching, picked up my new guitar to learn some Neutral Milk Hotel and made a Quiche.


And between the needlework and my first time playing the guitar, my fingers are killing me!!!  Seriously, I washed my hands this morning and it burned! How long does it take guitar callouses to form?

But good things will come from that pain. And it got me out of thinking of other things that were painful in just the right ways.

Relaxer It goes without saying that a relaxer is on this list. Sure, the salve that’s spread on my scalp once a month is expensive and burns like a thousand angry suns. But for that pain, I get pretty straight hair to whip back and forth.

Dressage Training – Making a 1400-pound horse dance by controlling it with the muscles at the top of your inner thigh makes it nearly impossible to walk the next day. But if you do well enough and you get to competition, you get to wear such pretty hats!!

He's whipping his hair back and forth, too!

Spin ClassGoing spinning immediate after dressage is especially painful…but bathing suit season is only 6 months away. Ladies…am I right!

Blue Valentine – This movie is one of the best I’ve seen. Painful to watch (especially with the $14 Arclight ticket!!) but Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling are also beautiful, urgent, truthful and memorable.

Also hot.

That one break up – We all have one. The one that was so spectacularly awful that we were pretty sure we’d never be able to put ourselves back together. But not only did we get back together, all that scar tissue fused strong. Stronger than it was before. We learned more than we could have imagined and made promises to ourselves that this time, we intend on keeping.

*ahem* Now back to your regularly scheduled snark.

Shots – Burning and painful all the way down. But often delicious and always socially freeing! F u, inhibitions! Ladies…am I right?! 🙂

What do you do that’s painful but good for you? Let us know in the comments!!

And check out this vlog that details my journey toward poplock domination.

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  1. You whip your hair back and forth? How Willow Smith.

    Guitar callouses take time to form. It also depends on the guitar. Electric guitar is easier on the fingers than acoustic guitar. It has to do with the strings and tension.
    You can control a horse with your inner thighs? Mercy!

    1. It’s an acoustic and when I played last night, it was much, much better. No more stinging.

      And yup! It’s pretty amazing that you can control such a big animal with so little.

  2. That quiche looks yummy!!! We had some from Costco over the weekend and it was to die for:-)
    My hurts so good activity is yoga. I love it, but twisting in strange positions that your body isn’t used to can be pretty uncomfortable. But, I am addicted to the sense of inner peace that it gives me when I’m done. NAMASTE:-)

    I love spinning class as well, I went into labor on a spin bike once–that was interesting. Have you ever tried Zumba or Kickboxing? Very fun!!!

    As for movies, I’ve been on a Kate Winslet Netflix kick lately. Although Blue Valentine, from what I’ve heard, is definitely worthy of venturing out to the cinema:-)

    1. You were spinning while pregnant? Impressive!

      Despite being incredibly inflexible, I really really like yoga. I was a bit thrown at my last class–we got a new instrcutor and he’s a total Oreo. I honestly thought I was in the wrong room when I saw teh 6’5″ black dude at the front of the class. 🙂

  3. >>I was a bit thrown at my last class–we got a new instructor and he’s a total Oreo. I honestly thought I was in the wrong room when I saw the 6’5″ black dude at the front of the class.>>

    Really?? Do you meet more Oreo girls than guys?? In my social circles, many of the females are. I live in the N. Atlanta suburbs, so maybe its just the area. Great horse farms are here and I’ve always wanted to learn horse back riding.

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