Why Go White #212 – It’s Polite!

This post is shout out to my Asian brethren and sistren.

By now, many of you may have seen the video “Asians in the Library,” posted by UCLA student Alexandra Wallace. In this video, she discusses how Asians are getting in the way of her studying by saying things like “Ching chong ting tong ling long” on the phone to their families. She says that it’s distracting and rude.

And it is rude! We all know that this is not how good assimilants behave.

Good coconuts NEVER say things like “Ching chong ting tong ling long” in the library. Instead, try more majority-sounding things  like “God, I wish those Asians would shut up. Let’s make a youtube video about it! This poly-sci sucks much anyway! Toodles!” That’s much more polite!

When your ethnic background includes knowing and understanding of the most complex languages in the world and holding family dear, for the love of God, don’t go showing it off. Save it for the meetings.

Or put it into a song like this kid did. I heart him!

For the record,  Alexandra issued an apology. But what do you think? Should the apology have occurred to her during the time it took her to walk from the library to her dorm, set up a camera, go through her rant, edit it together, post it on youtube and tell her friends that she did that?

For other cool things that college kids do, check out this post from San Diego’s Compton Cookout!


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  1. Had this girl gone to a school in New York she would be complaining about the loud Italians, if she went to Washington DC she would be complaining about the loud Africans… I doubt she is out to make “twinkies” out of Asians… I think she just doesnt like loud culture… Recently she has claimed her comments were made in jest, as some sort of satire… If so, her speech would be considered tame compaired to what I see on this site from time to time…

    anyone notice that she used the word “hordes” that was the most interesting part. Even though southern california has had a large asian community forever. all of a sudden because she just found out, its an invasion. It just seems like when people are not raised around or taught about other cultures, they get all racialist when they finally are exposed to the fact that America is not all “White People”

    1. Go brother! I hate that white trash . My man is asian my kids and grand kids are to . I don’t like pleope like that . when I heard her video that made me so man to . I wish i could put her ass in the garbage and send her to hell

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