Soccer: Oreo Approved or Oreo Avoidant?

Went to my first stateside soccer game this weekend with @catnick (ps…if you’re looking for an event or headshot

I'm sorry, was there a game going on?

photographer, follow and hire him immediately!). Several things occurred to me about the sport.


It’s a lot like terrible foreplay. Lots of tension, not a lot of release. There’s soooooo much action. 90 minutes of sweating and kicking and passing and bending..aaaand, you think it’s gonna happen…that they’re going to make it in, they’re right there, right there, right there, almost, almost alllll—nope, no score. Sunday’s game ended in a tie, so at least both teams got theirs. That seems fair.

I’m totally torn as to where to file this for Oreo-approved events. I made a list of pros and cons and much like yesterday’s game, it ends in a tie. What do you think?

Pro: Not a lot of black players. This isn’t football or basketball where every other guy on the ground is an RBP.

Con: A surprising number of black fans. Unlike when I attend hunter/jumper shows or a regatta, I definitely wasn’t the only brown face in the crowd. #uncomfy

Pro: There’s definitely something Euro-chic about saying you’re a soccer fan.

Con: Because it’s worldly, and since most of the people in the world are actually of some sort of color (poor things!), you run the risk of liking a team peopled by browns.

Pro: Soccer players, by my estimation, have the best physiques in sport. Strong but not too bulky, flexible and lithe, fast and quick. And they know how to do such cool things with their balls.

Con: I couldn’t help making the terrible joke above.

So what do you think? Do the cons outweigh the pros? I’ve never been a huge team sport fan and I’d love to find some group to pledge my allegiance to. What teams do you follow and what brought you to them?


  1. Pro: Football is basically the national sport of England (after Cricket and before Rugby, also full of tasty looking pale guys).
    Pro: They make movies about it with real Anglos like Michael Sheen, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Charlie Hunnam, etc.
    Pro: Though the hooligan fans do get rowdy and make up ridiculous cheers, they fight opposing team fans in the whitest ways: with fists, broken bottles, and brass knuckles.
    Con: David Beckham makes all footballers look like pansies.

  2. Soccer?
    Totally Oreo.
    Team sports (in America) are easy to classify.
    1 – Pick a season (i.e. Footbal, Basketball, Baseball)
    2 Now look at other sports played during the same season. (For Baseball (in SoCal) it would be;
    Track and Field (depends on the event),
    Boy’s Tennis (Oreo),
    Softball (neutral),
    Swimming (Oreo)
    and Golf (Oreo).

    Try to follow teams in other counties for a Double-Stuffed Oreo affect.
    Forget England’s Premiership (it’s too trendy) go for a team in Germany’s Bundesliga or Italy’s Serie A.

  3. I never write to these thing, but am such a HUGE soccer fan! You’ll be dissapointed to know that most soccer fans AND players in the world are browmn, like myself! (Sorry.) You’ll be glad to here though, that I extra, extra heart.. GERMANY!!! They play rough, and hard body, and are unstopable. Like robots. Many handsome players as well ;).

  4. The only two things that i love about soccer is David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo. I’d love to learn how to play Squash.

  5. I’m a huge soccer fan! I love the sport. But like someone said earlier. Around the world there are a lot of brown people who are fans of soccer. And Even play the sport.

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