1. Pickup lines? Pahaha, I don’t get any. Actually, I think I’ve only gotten one tossed at me before, and it was from a guy without basic comprehension of english and hygiene. While I was at work, in an unflattering highlighter yellow polo.

    “Say, you gotta boyfriend?”
    “Yep.” (I lied.)
    “Do he go through your texts and stuff?”
    *I raise an eyebrow* “Yeah.’
    “I’m sayin’ maybe we can talk later after you get offa work…”
    “You’re not my type.”
    *he walks off*

    Yep, a real gem, that one.

    My type? I can’t remember if I’ve listed it before, I probably have. Anyway, as long as he’s a Christian, into MCR and he looks like Andy Sixx (google him), he’s got a greenlight. XD

    1. Yeah, the number of guys who will not let the idea of a boyfriend stop them from trying to get a number is… surprising to say the least.

      oooOOoo, there’s a pic of Sixx sporting a cross. Sounds like a match!

    2. Andre 3000 has great style! It will be interesting to see how the line does. I think when it comes to inauivdidl style choices celebrity lines don’t always hit the mark. But Andre is an original in many regards because African American men tend to dress in uniforms and don’t take very many risks or think outside of the box too often. That is is people like Kanye, Lupe, Fonzworth Bentley, Taz Arnold, Tricky and Pharrell stand out more in terms of the choices they make. Less conventional more stylish. I’m glad Andre can inspire people to try different thing more than trying to dress like him.

  2. “Do you know how much an emperor penguin weighs?.” [She says, “I don’t know. How much?”]
    “Enough to break the ice. Hi, my name is ____.”

    So cheesy that there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work. Haha.

    1. Aww, nice and disarming. And emperor penguins are super cute to think about. It’s a nice visual to put in someone’s head.

      1. And what about this one that will guarantee a slap on the face:

        “Hi, do you know what has 142 metal teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk?” [She says, “I don’t know. What”] “My zipper!”

        I could go on for days. Enjoy. Haha.

  3. While I am sadly rarely on the receiving end of a pick up line, I do adore bad pick up lines.

    The best one that I didn’t come up with was, “Nice shoes, wanna f***?” This one I adore, not just because it is crass and boorish, but when I convinced my high school music teacher to use it on his wife, he ended up sleeping on the couch for a week.

    And, the best one that I have come up with for myself is, “Hey, Baby, is your chest incompetent? Because, I see a pair of big boobs.” I’ve yet to try that in a real world situation, but I am sure it will work like a charm.

    1. High school music teacher? What did you play/sing?

      And I’d be suspicious of the high school teacher who took advice from a student. And…he let you say f*** to him? Nice.

  4. As a giant geek, and classical music enthusiast, my favorite pick up line, which I’ve always wanted to use but never have is;

    “I’m a fermata… Hold me.”

    I also like;

    “Baby, if you were words on a page, you’d be what they call FINE PRINT!”

    1. Wow. The fine print line is new. Haven’t heard that.

      I’d give total props to the person who used the fermata line. But then I’d say something about say something about how maybe we should make like a coda and try a different ending. Not as smooth as fermata, but I’d hope he get the point.

    1. Did someone actually use that on you?

      I had someone start of once with “what’s your moon sign” which was at least something different.

      Natch, my moon sign (whatever it was) meant that I was secretly incredibly randy, he said. That sounded a bit too convenient.

  5. My friend recently asked me out this is how he started off:
    him: Hey Sarah, Do You believe in Love at first sight?
    me:Actually no, I don’t you can never tell if a person a Psycho killer at first sight.
    him:Oh, well um okay… How would you ask someone out?
    Me: I don’t know? I usually don’t just sit around and practice…
    him:Do you want to go out or not?
    me: Oh, that’s what you were trying to say; sure,you’re good looking.
    My current boyfriend is the same guy, he is such an oreo that he denies all blackness and tells people that he’s Swedish; Imagine meeting a man dark as night that tells you that they’re white

  6. So, my incredibly bad pick up line it never works. Girl: Why don’t you date black girls? Me: If that’s an offer I accept. RBG: No, way you’re not black. Hence the never dating a RBG. Although I have dated a Jamacian, a real cutie from Martinique, and two South African girls but one was really white. (Although, she believe since she immigrated to America that she was more African American than me

  7. From GL #35 The conclusion to e2€œSecret Origine2€9d! Thank God I’m revlliaety new to Hal’s origin, but while I appreciated seeing it (and seeing it look so nice thanks to Ivan Reis), it’s really time to move on.

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