Get the Loathing Started Young

Gather the kids around the computer, this one’s for them!

Hey kids of color. Wanna worry about you ability to achieve as much as your teachers do? Then check out the ad at this FootAction store!

I’m not sure which is more horrible. The thug with the grill or the girl much too young for boobs wearing a dress that shows off where her boobs will be while some nowhere near-man boy touches where her underboob will develop in about 10 years. Either way, none of those words should be associated with children. My apologies.

Anyone wanna join me in a cleansing round of cricket?


    1. I wonder the same thing about Linda Blair’s parents. Sure, she got to be in one of the most iconic movies ever, but she also had to violently diddle herself with a crucifix.

      Oddly enough, I did not feel the same about all the kids who were extras in Monty Pyton’s “Every Sperm is Sacred.” I would have signed up my kid for that in a second!

  1. Aaaaand this is why I became an oreo at the ripe old age of five.
    Well, that, and the fact that the girl who lived a few houses down from me told me I couldn’t marry the blonde-haired, blue-eyed kid in my class I was crushing on because “black girls should be with black boys”.


    1. Wow, we are so cut from the same cloth! Though I was about 9 before my transformation was fully complete. But it had to do with boys, too! I was sooo into a red head in my homeroom class and during a game of MASH everyone said that we couldn’t be together. But that I *should* be this one other kid…who just happened to be the only other black kid in my grade.

      1. Oh, the joys of childhood innocence.
        That crush continued well into 5th grade, and so did the criticism.
        I remember crawling under my desk one day in first grade because the entire class started chanting that I liked the kid at the top of their lungs…juvenile and seemingly minor at the time, and scarring, but funny that all it did was reinforce my inclination towards white guys. XD

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