New Oreo Rule: Enjoy April Fools Day b/c Normally Black People Don’t??

Do not try to make this guy laugh--by ruining his $73,000 car. He will not laugh. At all.

This guy says black people don’t like pranks.

Unfortunately, African-American’s — particularly black men — don’t take too well to pranks or April Fool’s Jokes. Sad but true.

He also uses apostrophes incorrectly, but that’s a different issue.

For evidence, he cites Punk’d and basketballer Kenyon Martin’s negative reaction to having his Range Rover filled with buttered popcorn.

I can understand Kenyon’s anger. If you’re going to fill up a luxury vehicle with a food that will severely damage its interior, does it have to be something so carby?

Full story is here.

Don’t forget other Oreo rules like how to bring sexyback to the plantation.  How to write about regular black people. And what to do when you find yourself face to face with another well studied Oreo.


  1. There you go Aydrea, the guy in the dreds has the solution to all your problems but then what would you do with the time on your hands when you can’t scour the internet looking for obscure racist articles or any other article involving poc’s and some how twisting it into racism for the purpose of “satire” which is very thinly veiled and I still fully believe that you’re really just spreading division rather then accomplishing good. I … keep trying to see the humor? I hope you don’t mind my voicing my disagreement now and again though, it’s not personal, I still think you’re hot :p

    1. I think what you’re missing Justine, is that Oreowriter became disinterested at the word “dreds”.

  2. I know, Calysta.
    Some people just need to be herded onto the freeway blindfolded, then conveniently [and/or repeatedly] cattle-prodded as a semi comes hurtling towards them. It would do society a favor.

    Sad to say, but a lot of snot-nosed critics without the wherewithal to write a blog with this much scathing wit– i.e., the person two spaces above with the IQ below double digits–just don’t realize good satire when they see it. X3

  3. Oh, and I hope you don’t mind my voicing my disagreement now and again though, it’s not personal, I just think she’s a flaming imbecile. 😛

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