1. would have been more awesome if he actually performed the swan dive.

    oh, and you’re not a bad oreo. He didn’t really do any RBP stuff in that video. Dirtbikes? Log rolling? Not really RBP stuff there.

    1. When/how did you think he was not hot. Though I’m totally conflicted about finding him attractive. Because not only is he of color, he’s also a former football player. If he was rugby or lacrosse, I could handle it. But football (not the World Cup kind) is way ethnic!

  2. That was actually an amazing commercial. I’m revealing my geek side here, but the special effects are incredible.

    And yes, I noticed it was a black guy not acting stereotypically “black”, I guess. But, being a guy, I was more impressed with the motorcycle in the jacuzzi.

    Great ad. Too bad Old Spice stinks. I hate the stuff.

    1. I guess motorcycle in the jacuzzi isn’t exactly the same as industrial strength blow dryer in the tub. Otherwise, this commercial would end much, much differently.

  3. He’s absolutely delicious. I saw him on Fox News Network’s Red Eye the other day and just sat there drooling. My boyfriend didn’t really appreciate that much though…

    1. I feel especially conflicted about him because he used to be a football player–so ethnic! But he’s soooo yummy. I’m not sure my boyfriend appreciates it, either. 🙂

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