Self Loathing – Now Measureable!

Ever wanted to see just how much you’re glad you’re not an RBP?

Then log on to Harvard’s Project Implicit to get Ivy League recognition of your self hate!

Nice that you can see your social phobias in plain, written words, huh?

Show me now!

The short online test shows whether or not takers have a preference for certain types of faces or if they associate positive or negative things with those faces.

Through other tests, you can also see if you can recognize presidents or famous people better. If you have a clue as to what foreign countries look like. If you’re creeped out by gays or body fat. And/or if you think white people or black people are more likely to carry weapons.

Warning: website does not come with tissues or pre-written apology notes.

Don’t worry, people on both sides of the pond feel the same way! And if you’re young enough, you might just admit it! Did you take the test? Congrats, you deserve a treat!

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