Int. WhitePal’s Apartment – Day

WhitePal: (singing, soflty) …there’s blood all over my toaster..

OreoWriter: Well, you are making English muffins all wrong, then.

WP: What?

OW: I’m sorry,  was it that pumpernickel? It was pretty dry.

WP: Was what what?

OW: Why are you bleeding on your toaster?

WP: It’s from a song, it’s not a toaster…it’s a “toaster.” C’mon, I bet even you can get this. What do you think a toaster is slang for?

OW: Well, if it follows the logic of cockney rhyming slang–

WP: Of course it doesn’t.

OW: Okay…toaster…I don’t…

WP: C’mon, stay with me. Something powerful….intimidating….strong…

OW: The climax of Spring Awakening!

WP: That doesn’t even make sense. How could you even get blood on that?

OW: You’ve obviously never seen the climax of Spring Awakening. Now that, is a toaster!

Want more WP/OW banter? See them misunderstood because of the cell phone law , enjoying contemporary music or dancing at a mis-pitched engagement party.

And in case you want to hear the horrible, horrible song on which this conversation was predicated.  You can let your ears bleed out by clicking here.


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