Left, Right and Children – Everyone helps to make more Oreos!

You know how worried I am that in post-racial America, I don’t have to spend nearly $200 a pop to get my hair straight or to not let anyone see me watching Waiting to Exhale on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

But thanks to Bill, Bill and dreamy dreamy Anderson, I know that I am on the right track and that distancing myself from RBP.

Here’s Bill O’Reilly telling a guest he looks like a drug dealer. And Oreo points to the dealer professor for a) going on The O’Reilly factor in the first place b) not being upset and c) adding a terrific punchline

Here’s Bill Maher explaining how the President should handle the oil spill.

And here’s some young Oreos in the making.

(in the spirit of fair and balanced coverage…I did start my career as a reporter, after all…if you click around the CNN page there, there are a handful of varied results…but they’re not all that varied)


  1. These are all interesting and disturbing.

    The point the 3rd vid makes starting at ~3:50 is stunningly obvious if anyone looks at a TV, billboard, magazine, etc., but of course anyone who looks like the people in those media won’t notice a thing. Here is the essence of institutionalized racism.

    The researcher’s conclusion at ~5:00 should be using the word “people” instead of “things” when talking about light/dark value/devalue.

    1. Ok Erin, these are really my kids. My sis is just boirowrng them for a bit. haha! OMG, I love these shots. I want you to take my boys pics sometime when Im in town. Amazing Job! And your right, shes def the best hairdresser EVER! XOXO

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