Is This Your Race Card?

BP-FrogAceI made good use of my AMA card (that’s Academy of Magical Arts in case you were wondering) and spent the evening being dazzled at Los Angeles’s Magic Castle–the Hollywood hub for all things great in the world of illusion. I learned two things on this outing.

1. When a grand illusion is augmented by a little card producing, the result is…excuse the pun, magical.

And as a bonus to the cause:

2. People of color do not go to magic shows.

Maybe it’s because historically, POC do not appreciate being tricked by white people.

But a little playful trickery in life is necessary. Without it, we wouldn’t have a political system or effective advertising.

Besides that, the whole Oreo lifestyle relies on sleight of hand, clever distraction and a well-placed trompe-l’œil. How else can we convince the world we are something that we are not?

So pull up a chair in your personal parlor of prestidigitation and get ready to say the magic words as you watch your perceived identity and their lowered expectations…disappear!


  1. Hahaha. I studiously avoid the Magic Castle (or any improv show, for that matter) because I am always chosen for any trick wherein audience participation is required. It doesn’t matter where I’m sitting or what I’m wearing — perhaps I am more conspicuous because I am the only POC in attendance. Of all the magic shows I’ve been to, I’ve always been the only Asian person. I don’t want it to sound like I’m keeping track, but I guess I am. It’s a Thing.

    Also, I feel dumb talking to a plastic owl. Why can’t they shell out some cash and conjure up a nice carved wooden one? Or a taxidermied one?

  2. So jealous! I am also often the only POC at said shows, but I never get chosen. Apparently, improv groups seem to think that if they ask me for a suggestion, I’m going to say something off color (pun intended) and imagine that when they hand me the silver ring to hold, I’m going to fashion it into a shiv.

    One day, my blending in will work and I’ll get to declare that indeed, the ring is solid.

    And yes, wooden owl…not very magical.

  3. oreos are for dunking in cold milk, once dunked they become soggy and start to break apart, hence my oreo experience….lol

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