America’s Next Top Oreo?

This cycle of Tyra Bank’s self-focused extravaganza, America’s Next Top Ty–er Model, started with a wonderful, wonderful surprise. Contestant Simone proudly announced that she was an Oreo!

When she said this, Tyra looked skeptical, and it seemed doubtful that Simone would make it through the next two rounds of elimination.

But a half-shaved head later and Simone is still with us and now can proudly walk the runway…right into our self loathing hearts.

BUT, is Simone’s claim to Oreodom true? As you know, we have high standards at The Oreo Experience and it’s worth taking a moment to see if Simone measures up.

So far, the Oreos have it!

We’ll be watching her progress and rooting for her all the way. And I’m not saying there’s a hand-stitched caplet with her name on it if she wins. But I’m not not saying that, either.

What do you think? Does our little Oreo have a chance? Did they do right by that one girls’ eyebrows? Do you think Simone would accept my Katamari challenge? Let us know what you think.

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