A Definition and Explanation

The Oreo Experience or: A Total Whitey in a Black Chick’s Body

Oreo – Slang: Black on the outside….white on the inside.

My grandparents have really cool recessive genes for black people. They have this rich, dark skin with bright blue eyes.

I also have an interesting recessive gene for black people: the one that makes me love Renaissance Fairs, Kristen Chenowith and dressage competitions.

This blog is dedicated to that existence.


  1. You are hilarious, and are on to something. I have been a misplaced oreo all my life; looking for like minded oreos to chop game with (does that slang disqualify me). Glad I found you.
    Thanks for representing.
    Afristocrat – I love it!!

  2. Today is the first day that I have had the chance to sit down and get into your blog. Finally…. someone who explains it from our perspective. You are spot on! (Except for that Sound of Music thing….) Lol.

  3. Chop game…as in cutting up a Cornish game hen? Because I am fantastic at that. 🙂

    *rushes off to urban dictionary*

    1. “….as in cutting up a Cornish game hen? Because I am fantastic at that.’

      I’m laughing so hard I’ve got tears streaming down my cheeks… you made my night!!

  4. Ugh. This blog is painfully meaningful to me. I’ve been browsing and you are spot on. I’m reclaiming my oreo’ness as I was once called “The whitest black person I’ve ever met.” Good to be home.

  5. Well… my great grandmother was Native American (like from an actual tribe Native American). And My great grand father from the other side was Indian (like East India Indian). -_- Then it just trickled down into mixedness in the West Indies. But I guess since I have dark skin… I’m black -_-, I’m only slightly darker than you. Anyway, yeh, I was typically considered not “black enough” or something, since I spoke/speak proper English, and usually use sophisticated grammar. Blame the British education system. But yeh, I don’t know. I never dated a black girl. Dated a Spanish girl once. Now I’m dating an Irish girl. That’s just how it happened. They came along, caught my eye, and that’s how it worked out. Was interested in a mixed girl (half black half white), but that was in high school. She was interested two, but that obviously lasted a whole 2 weeks, (ahh high school, haha). And that’s me! And back to not being “black enough!” I like bands like OneRepublic, VAST, other rock music, pop music, classical music, sometimes R&B but not usually, rarely rape (but hate the – She’s a h*e, kill kill, money money one), dress casual – non mainstream), don’t play basketball or football but can run fast (did track), o, and I play tennis! I don’t think I covered all the stereotypes. I was never considered an Oreo, people automatically skipped to the “Are you Haitian? question because of my accent. Then I was always pointed out by the white kids that I was black, and left out by the black kids because I wasn’t “ghetto” lol. Sorry for the long narrative! I like the site! Saw you on youtube! (This is LuminusX btw). 🙂

  6. You are painfully and sadly pathetic. You will always be considered a Black person to white people no matter how you act in their presence. You will still be seen as a Black woman, and the stereotypes will follow you. “Regular Black people” What the hell is that? Oh I know Black people that choose not kiss white people’s asses so they could feel accepted! God your a poster child for self hate.

    1. “You are painfully and sadly pathetic. You will always be considered a Black person to white people no matter how you act in their presence. You will still be seen as a Black woman, and the stereotypes will follow you. “Regular Black people” What the hell is that? Oh I know Black people that choose not kiss white people’s asses so they could feel accepted! God your a poster child for self hate.”

      I will forever be amused by folks who nothing about satire…

        1. Happy Holidays. We know we’re Black and we love it…dissolve your brain. People have different experiences but we all experience this. Humor isn’t just there to make people laugh, it’s to make people think. Not on some Tyler Perry shit, tho.

  7. Caught your interview on the C.O.W.S.. Gus never really answered your question of “How is enjoying an equestrian event mental illness?”. It isn’t. But a black person can still enjoy an equestrian event. I suspect what Gus was referring to is relating the enjoyment of an equestrian event with being something other than being a black person as being mental illness.

    I could be incorrect about that.

    One question…what does a regular black person (RGB) do that nobody else does?

  8. Lol funny blog.. Actually we call them “Top Decks” here after a candy bar that’s white and black in South Africa. Well that goes for interracial couples like myself as well..

  9. You should get genetic testing done. Perhaps you are more white than you realize. For example Obama is called black yet genetically he is 50% white. Some have said he is a white college professor trapped in a black mans body. He had to learn to “act black” it never came naturally to him.

  10. I just wanted to brag. I grew up a punk ricker in the heart of Oakland ca. I know how you feel. D&D, ren faire, the music of choice. The thing is I had to do it in the 80’s, my skin is dark and it was not accepted. I was a pioneer.

    1. Dude, I thought I was the only black D&D player in the 80’s. Wait their was that chick Diane on the cartoon who was what an Acrobat? Really an Acrobat, you cavaliar, theft, magician, barbarian, I think Hank was an archer. Still, ren faire’s are awesome! However, these days I am all steampunk.

      There were only two black people in the heavy metal concerts I went to me and the big black guy in the middle laughing because he got to mosh white guys. Man alive was that guy having fun.

  11. I just wanted to brag. I grew up a punk ricker in the heart of Oakland ca. I know how you feel. D&D, ren faire, the music of choice. The thing is I had to do it in the 80’s, my skin is dark and it was not accepted. I was a pioneer.

  12. Hi, I was checking out your blog and vids. Ehhhhh.. its okay not the most funniest but does have its punk drunk humor. I wouldn’t call it “oreo” but mostly living you life they way you want it.. I got called that too but whatever, I let it slide off dude. And I live in the rural area of Texas sooo yeah I stick out like a sore thumb. And my kids too because one of them is mixed and the other isn’t so my family is unique. I guess because I’m a bit older and have grown into my skin. But I guess keep it up??? LOL…

  13. I truly enjoyed your vlog on Youtube. Especially the fact the gent you spoke with owned a Sebring. I appreciate you for thinking for yourself and then expressing it in an unambiguous manner that cannot be confused as straddling the fence.

    Though I am confused by the lack of attention you engender in the description of your social life. You are visually pleasing, witty, articulate, and communicative.

    However, you know the facts and I have no reason to question your experience accept to say, “Enjoy the expereince where you are appreciated and loved”.

    God’s blessings,

    Vonzel “Maxafier”

  14. I’m a person of color who was never fully accepted by my racial group because of my personality and interests that were not in line with was widely accepted in my culture. I came across your blog this evening and was frustrated, offended, annoyed, and disappointed by your use of the word “oreo” (and other language you use) to describe yourself and, seemingly, other people of color who happen to behave in ways that are contrary to racial stereotypes (which, by the way, the White-dominated culture we live in has intentionally created and systematically sustained). While I can appreciate your humorous critique on U.S. conceptions of race and gender, positioning yourself as peculiar and exceptional because you’re not a “regular black person” is problematic and only serves to further marginalize, stigmatize, oppress, stereotype, and “other” people of color.

    1. PS – [still browsing your site/YouTube videos] Right now I’m conflicted because 1). you’re hilarious; 2). I relate in many ways with your commentary and experience; and 3). I understand, perhaps better now than when I typed of my original post, how you’re using satire to make your points. I do still find some aspects of the blog to be troubling, but I see what you’re going for – and I dig it.

  15. Oh my, were you really unknown with the “Bounty” concept?

    Let me assist you with your Dutch (rather a bad choice for a white language,there are thousands and thousands of RBP speaking it).

    Oreo (English): translates into Dutch as 1 (fish) Oreo, 2 (cookie) Oro, 3 (mental case) Bounty. Now it has to be said that the difference between an Oreo and a Bounty is that with a Bounty the chocolate hides the white nuttiness from all sides perfectly!

  16. This is sarcasm, right? (Paraphrasing) ‘I don’t date black men because…..they don’t frequent places I do, such as….higher education? Really? Next time you come out of the shower, face the mirror, look at them thighs of yours and ask yourself…..REALLY?

      1. Exactly what does Ms.Oreowriter’s beautiful thighs have to do with the fact that she is simply telling the truth. I do GPS asset management/training/installs sub contracting @ 8 dealerships and have only worked with 2 black guys.. If you work in a professional/technical/mechanical field you simply will not see very many black males @ your work place but you will find black females. Not many black males in college either and many are dropping out of highschool. All females that are smart are not going to date a guy who is broke with no education or job skills that they are going to have to take care of no matter what color they are…

        1. I can appreciate the opinion of  the bloger above me and his right to have it, and while he has some validity to his argument it is catigoricly un-true. First off there is an income inequality Gap that has grown by leaps and bounds for 30 yrs that has created disparity in many if not all black community’s. This is evident in the way minority school districts are under funded and headed by bureaucrats with bloated salaries. Also you must factor in student overcrowding and inept teachers doing nothing  at the expense of black and minority students. A large majority of Black kids are lost in this system, because of structural inadequacy long before they reach the university level. Even with these obstacles  2.2 million black people go to college every year about 33% go to college now there is another 28% who are older middle aged people who put there education on hold to work, and raise a family, and then return to school. Also 2.3 million black males are enrolled into the military and continue there education.
          The next fact I would like to bring to your attention is that the reason you may not find allot of black people working in your field does not mean there aren’t any. It means in your geographic area there aren’t that many black people. Also it is very difficult for black males to find employment because the color of there skin is equivalent to a felony. The last issue I would like to comment on is the jail narrative that was dialoged in your comment. Most Black men are in jail because of an un just drug war and failed social policy, and a large for profit prison system. Now in 2011 there are 2.4million people in prison.  In truth 841,000 are black 46% of the prison population, but 693,800 are white the numbers are only about a hundred thousand a part. 58% of blacks  in jail are there for non violent drug crimes, such as possession or sale. This is because there is a bias in the justice system. For example black and Hispanic and all other minority’s  drug use monthly combined is only 23 percent. White drug use is 77% monthly. Simply because minorities do not have the disposable income to buy these drugs. There are more blacks in prison then were held in captivity in slavery. This is because black people are arguably the most hated people on the planet. Why else would the U.S spend 7000 dollars a year on each student in New York but 60,000 dollars on a prisoner for a year in the same state? 

          P.S By the way Ms.Oreowriter I enjoyed your satirical skits I laughed my ass off.

  17. I was sitting here drinking my coffee this morning and you-tubing and accidently came across your video (the one about why you do date black men). Its seems as though your a really creative and brillant women that just enjoy a wide spectrum of things, things you believe make you less black lol. I find it funny because i guess me liking classic rock or constantly thinking about gear ratios or over indulging in the history channel makes me less black. Its kind of a shame that you associate having a wide array of things you enjoy with being less black. Being smart doesnt have anything to do with color. Im a black man that grew up in the slums of baltimore city doing things that were different I never questioned why or looked at myself as different and where im from that got me respect because I was being real. I’m sure living with this kind of confusion is lonely you should lighten up and stop associating your interests with race and say “hey im a black women and this is who I am” not because u are some oreo but just a geek. I can understand though because media manipulates most peoples thinking to say hey your this race or you grew up in this economic enviroment this is how you are supposed to act its time we got past that and just start enjoying who we are.

  18. …stumbled upon you after a bad night of browsings youtube and- Lordamercy-died a couple-three times laughing myself breathless.




    and you have a new subscriber, t’chan

  19. ~ The way that you intertwine sarcasm, the “oreo” stereotype, your personal experiences and your honesty is priceless! I truly hope many more people will be open to your work and understand that you are NOT a self-hater. You have learned to use, what many may see, as a derogatory term and turn it into something funny. I pray that through your art, many will learn to realize that it is no such thing as a “black thing” or a “white thing”…it is only where the interest of an individual lies ~

  20. I was always thought an oreo girl was…well never mind that.

    If I was 25 years younger I’d have a crack at you from 20,000 km away – and being ME I’d probably get my girl. That would have been the start of something I can’t imagine!

  21. I stumbled onto this while looking up the 100th anniversary of the oreo cookie. Always appreciate someone that will say the stuff no one wants to hear. Like you my brain never stops no matter where I am or what I am doing.

  22. Wow, I found this place! Well, although fully pigmented I seem to be the Oreo of all Oreo’s or at least that is what everyone says. How many times am I going to hear I am blacker than you by my white, asian, hispanic friends. Sadly, I speak too white. I have to say being an Oreo does have its advantages. Like the time idiots stuffed whole Oreo fully packaged in my locker. Ah, adoring fans they were great until they realized I really did like Oreos. Dunk on, now I am going to have my green tea and recite a haiku while listening to Frank Sinatra. Ta, Ta, browse your site later.

  23. Thank you all for your wonderful cotnmmes. They are really heartfelt and they make me smile! I wanted to respond to some of the questions:@ Leslie: Yes it is possible to make a video that spans the lifetime of your birthday child. We can also use your pictures, not only the ones I took of your child/ren, if they are of good enough quality. As time goes, we will post more videos with different styles to give you different ideas.@ Laura W.: Yes they can absolutely be done in color or as a mix of color and black & white. This one was done all in B&W to illustrate the topic of the blog.@ Branden W.S.: I get your point about wishing there was no writing. As you put it very well, in this case, it is a sales tool. As soon as we get releases, we’ll post ones that we have done for our clients, so that you can see what they look like with no writing or the right kind of writing as that can be very beautiful too.Again thank you all for your beautiful cotnmmes.Marie-Catherine

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  26. Can I simply just say what a relief to discover someone who actually
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  27. First of all Ms.Oreo I would like to say that you are a beautiful woman! That said, if we (i.e: you and me) were introduced, I am quiet sure that I would never look at you as a marriage material for me (i.e: me being a man and you a beautiful woman, all morals aside and primal instincts enhanced, I would certainly enjoy your female company). Why not marriage material? Because of the type of person you are! Not deficient in anyway, simply not my type! There is absolutely nothing wrong with you and I make the assumption that you are the product of a possible odd exposure to some cultural environment not widely representative of that of a typical black family!? I am pretty sure that I would look at any White , Asian, Arab, Native american woman (…) the same way. In my case I would also look at many other women with personality types different from yours (making here a reference stereotype of you) the same way: “not marriage material for me”.
    Just like you, I know who I am , what I want and with whom I want to share my time or life with.

    However, I am a black man. Possibly just as odd, I am from Africa (born there from parents who were born and raised there). I lived between Africa and Europe for 20 years ( 5 years here, 4 over there; then back again etc…), and for 15 years in the US. My take from all this is that I have dear friends with whom I cannot listen to Pink Floyd or the Rolling Stones and others with whom I cannot listen to Yussou Ndour or Baba Mall. Although, one can easily picture what type of person could listen to those artists, I don’t believe that has anything to do with the color of my skin; rather, the exposure I received. For example, I have taken a music class in college and listened to classical music but that does nothing to me! I simply cannot understand the fuss about it except few “tunes” one can catch me humming sometimes when my mood is into it. The same goes for “education”, I have very dear friends who are high school dropouts (One reason: not as fortunate as I was as a kid!?) and others who are more educated than me (post graduate).
    I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Both of my sisters are married to White guys and one of them was previously married to a black guy. I was married twice and both times it was to black girls. Both of my brothers are married to black girls and one of them was married before to an Arabic girl. You see, while all of my siblings and me have the same background, what we do with our lives is personal and has nothing to do with the color of our skin; rather, the exposure we received.

    I’m pretty sure if you did choose the title: ” I have never dated a guy who does not like classical music, ballet etc…” very few people would have noticed you are black.
    Yes! you are a beautiful black woman because there is nowhere in this world were you can go and take the color of your skin away from the optical perception people will have of you. Further, having traveled a little bit I would also make the assumption that people’s first perception will be whatever the surrounding culture will have of black people. Men of all types and color will navigate toward you simply because you are beautiful and you will like or dislike them; but one thing is sure: “No racist man will ever be interested in you regardless of how much he represents the perfect man you could be looking for in the inside”. Why? Because you are a beautiful BLACK woman!

    Live your life, be grateful for your creation and spread the love.

    P.S: I am of what people call : “A really dark skin color type”
    Again…does that really matter!?!?!?!?

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