It’s Hard To Pick Just One Thing…

…But I think what I like most about racially motivated police violence is how inspiring it is.

I’m not saying there aren’t good cops. I am saying that fully half my facebook feed these days is full of images of cops not being good cops.

And it’s just so inspiring.

Every time I see one of these images or videos or articles, I think “Wow! The world needs more empathy. Something needs to change. I need to contribute to change!”

And that’s where some people say that my thinking goes off the rails.

Because my next thought is always:

“So here’s what I’m gonna do. One, I’m gonna dig up that pilot script I stopped working on 5 years ago. Two, I’m gonna join a writers group and get that third act under control. Next, I’m gonna shop it around town for a few seasons. Then, I’m gonna get it picked up by a cable network. Five: gonna get a good lawyer so I can stay on as show-runner and have 2 producer credits. Six, I’m gonna get that bitch into syndication. And finally when those sweet sweet rerun dollars start rolling in, I’m gonna start a charity.”


It's a pretty good plan.

It’s a pretty good plan.


My friends point out to me that there’s a children’s hospital, a Planned Parenthood, a Habitat For Humanity, and a kids’ after school program walking distance from my house.

Look, sure, those would be great things to get involved with. And some people are reallllly good at things like getting up and out of the house in the morning, interacting with other people in an empathetic way, and managing their time so that they can make important events.

Some of us are ideas people.

So look for my charity circa 2045. It’s gonna be life changing. You can all be on the board.

Speaking of being on board: Save the Date, y’all! The Oreo Experience is going live.

What do you like most about current events? And what are you going to wear to the show??? Let us know in the comments!



  1. Woo-who….!!! Don’t be surprised… (If a good-looking light-skinned man says, ‘hello’). Congratulations…

  2. Sadly, this seems to be the most effective plan to deal with the decay that plagues our society. God Help US! We don’t seem to be able to help ourselves.

    Sorry I’m going to miss your one woman show. Three thousand miles is just a little to far. Just for future reference, for a show about a total whitey trapped in black chick’s body, should a totally white man trapped in an old white man’s body have worn a black tuxedo or a white one?

    1. Great question! As we know, white dinner jackets are appropriate during summer months. The show is in early September, which is technically still summer, but culturally fall. The first day of fall doesn’t come until 9/23…so the white tuxedo should still be appropriate. I feel some guests may be put off, however. Might be best, and you’ll never hear me say this again, to go with black.

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