Is There Room For Both of Us?

You guys! I don’t know what kind of Affirmative Action shitshow is going on right now, but there is a whole ‘nother black person in my department!



I know!


It’s like they’re trying to stress me out.


Okay, I appreciate the empathy, but can we get back to me now?


Thank you

The worst part is, she’s… really nice. And kind of funny. And super sweet. And has this amazing breakfast taco recipe that sounds amazing and she totally invited me over to try it. And–

What? Oh! Hey Tiana! What’s this?? Ohmygod, thank you!

Holyshit, she brought me coffee. She brought me coffee just because.

It’s like she doesn’t know the rules at all.

This is terrible news. Partly just because I kind of want to hang out with her sometimes and that’s just not okay. Two or more of us together and soon we’ll start talking about that amazingly heartbreaking This American Life from a couple of weeks ago about how truly segregated schools still are and then we’re basically a gang.

But it mainly sucks because now that she’s here, how am I supposed to stand out at the office?!

When I was the only one of me, I was special and unique and yes that led to some really annoying questions, but it was all because they noticed me. I was being noticed.

Now that I’m just a part of a crowd, how will I stand out?

I’ll have to…actually be really good at my job or something. I’ll have to contribute something other than adorable quips. I’ll have to stop making my resume a liar and learn Excel.

Thanks, Obama.



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  1. What about the new Fantastic Four movie? Safe topic, the adoption of Sue Storm from Kosovo, Sue and Johnny should look like siblings, and there cannot be a shortage of actresses looking a bit like that guy playing the Human Torch, who have enough experience with playing an invisible woman to play THE Invisible Woman

  2. I think you should quit! Or sue, you shouldn’t tolerate, in fact you should be intolerant of this kind of treatment.

    One other point, I thought two was company and three were needed for a crowd. Is there some sort of Oreo math that I’m not aware of?

    Thank God you are taking action before your number of Real Black Friends reaches the unacceptable level of two.

    1. Thank you for your support. I was so shocked at my company’s behavior, it’s nice that someone understands what I’m going through.

      Three is needed for a crowd, but two is so close… it’s just so close, I don’t want to take any chances!

  3. Ah, is there room for both of us Both of us apart Are we bound out of obligation Is that all we’ve got? I swore I’d love ya Till the day I die and beyond Are we goin’ to the same place?

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