Rejected Paula Deen Party Ideas

I just caught up with the Paula Deen story this weekend. Seems like the n-word is just the tip of that buttery iceberg.

Deen not only wanted an all black staff at her brother’s wedding, she didn’t let them use the same bathroom or entrances or exits, she kinda wanted them to “tap dance around,”  and a bunch of other racist whatnots including recently apologizing and saying she’s not racist by using the punchline from a racist joke as said apology.

But, the woman should be given some credit. The wedding could have been a lot worse. Turns out,  the plantation-style, all-black-servants shindig was maybe the best of the other ideas on the table. Here are a few more themes Deen had on the back burner that she hasn’t been able to do…yet

Beads and Blankets Bonanza” – Guests will have the chance to purchase jewelry and couch throws at great prices! Hors d’oeuvres passed by the Chickasaw Nation.

Turquoise and tears.  A perfect combo!

Turquoise and tears. A perfect part pair!

Model Train Mayhem” – Guests will sip turn of the century cocktails while watching interns an elaborate miniature locomotive track around the seating area. Special thanks to interns Deng Shu Chan and Zhang Wei Huang.

Bonus! The interns double as footrests!

Bonus! The interns double as footrests!

Rosie the Riveter Rocks!!” – Guests will don 1940s costumes and build their own metal works…including windows bars and a new lock for front doors that will be fitted on the graciously donated home of Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura. Don’t worry that they’re still inside and the guests have the key. That’s all part of the fun!

You CAN do it...for about 10 years before your staff finally wises up and reports you to the proper authorities.

You CAN do it…for about 10 years before your staff finally wises up and reports you to the proper authorities.

They all sound like good ol’ fashioned grand times to me!

Deen’s not the only one who likes to party with blackface. Check out these  how-tos for getting down with the browns and let us know what you think!


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  1. Omg, talking about blackface I just realised some minutes ago that back in my Erasmus (in Ireland) I went to a Halloween party (yesl like 9 months ago) where there were lots of black fellas (not really black, just painted, blackfaced… and bodied). And not knowing what a blackface is (well I knew what it was, but didn’t know all the gravity of the implications) I just smiled at it, laughted, and took a lot of pictures with them (I posted one in my blog, where finally I wrote a post in English. Hope you can understand something :D). I didn’t see any malice, maybe I have? This is what happens when you are an italian black (on the outside) girl. Omg again.

  2. My Mother made stuffed caagbbe rolls of Hungarian descent and every timeI used her recipe,received raves it is easy a bit time consuming bu well worth it buy a loin of pork, have the butcher cut off the fat and the chine ground the pork render the fat from the pork with chopped onions, salt, black pepper, pour the cooked mixture into the pork, and the white rice.Steam your caagbbe,as noted previously, and stuff the leaves. bottom of the pot, layer rinsed sauerkraut,then caagbbe rolls, and layer until the top of the pot in between the layers squeeze a ripe fresh tomato and put the chine (bone) into the pot It will flavor your sauerkraut, which you can use as a vegetable and slowly cook for a few years it is so good and better the next day and can e frozen.[]

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