Back in the Saddle

The dressage saddle, mind you. Right next to Ann, Mitt and Rafalca.

So apparently, even when you’re diagnosed with a medical condition that affects only the fairest of the fair (tl;dr version: I have a gluten allergy that allegedly only affects people of Scandinavian descent) and you’ve been medically determined to be officially white on the inside, you still get tons of questions like:

  • “Remember that part in Roots?”
  • “Are you sad that the girl from Beasts of the Southern Wild didn’t win? How do you pronounce her name?”
  • “Love your bangs! Did you do that because of Michelle?”
  • “Seriously? You don’t like mustard, mushrooms or sushi, you get mad when your salad touches your potatoes and you don’t consider yourself to be a picky eater?”
  • “Has anyone told you that you look like Rhianna?”
  • “Do you ever calm down for like one single minute?”
  • “Did you see Tyler Perry presents Tyler Perry’s Temptation brought to you by Tyler Perry by Sapphire?”
  • “You’re afraid of the dark? What are you, 4?!”

So it’s time to tighten my Renaissance Faire corset, stick my pinky out at high tea, crack open that Augusten Burroughs and get my tickets to This American Life Live and lighten things up again.

A garland, a bodice and a horse, oh my! Pretty much a perfect Oreo day.

A garland, a bodice and a horse, oh my! Would an RBP put on this outfit?! Pretty much a perfect Oreo day.For tips on how to enjoy your own Renaissance Faire, click here! 

Stay strong my Oreos. And let me know what you’ve been up to!


  1. Considering looking great, get that hair undid! Everybody knows black-hair care products are the best hair-care for the buck, if you are buying for black horses. Did-hair may scare nice white folks with big black neigh-er friends away…

  2. Omg, it’s like you are reading my mind 🙂 in this blog I see so many things that I’ve always thought, but felt quite ashamed / never dared to share… Despite my whiteness (expressed in how I dress, what I say, how i say, who I frequent), there will always be a fool that comes up with some silly questions. Once a stranger asked me (taking for granted that I voted for him) if I was happy that Obama won the elections. I am not even American! And should I support him… just because he’s black? And anyway he’s half black, for the record. And anyways, I don’t care!

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