How Many People Must I Hate?

So my video Why I Don’t Date Black Guys hit 100K views this week. And if you haven’t taken a tour around youtube comments in a while, you totally should. The youtube comment section is a very special place.

In honor of my 100K Day, I present this follow-up video….

…and these follow-up posts:

What ladies are doing instead of putting a ring on it. 


What happened when I tried to chat pleasantly about race and relationships on national television.

What do you think? Do people who share genetic traits have an obligation to reproduce with each other? Let us know in the comments! And thanks for watching and reading and helping us get to 100K!


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  1. I hear you. I didn’t get my first kiss until I was 29 or so, though that had a lot to do with Pretty Woman popularizing the idea that prostitutes shouldn’t kiss their clients unless a wedding is imminent, just as I was ready for my first kiss- I’m more the bachelor type, I’m afraid.

    Anyway, I’d like to give my own answer to the question your title poses. I find it safest to hate everyone, and make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. This ensures that I don’t miss anyone. The answer to your question, by my lights, is “approximately seven billion. Give or take a few.”

  2. I think there are alot of female “Oreos” that will not date black guys they just won’t admit it to the world…I’m a male “Oreo” I prefer the looks and personalities of mixed ladies however if I met someone I really liked and we clicked it would matter about the race…The problem with alot of black males is many have no job skills and very limited education….many are in jail or have a criminal record/background AND to top it all…they have had children with several different women….It is way to much baggage of ANY thinking women to deal with…

    Also to the ladies…..any man with a functioning brain is not going to pursue a women that has a history of dating jerks and losers…if she has had children with these type men her chances of finding a decent man who is not desperate is going to be very slim..

  3. I’m of Haitian descent, and I totally support interracial relationships. I’ve only dated three black women in my dating career, two of which were Haitian. Each relationship didn’t work out simply because we weren’t compatible. However. There was a sense of familiarity…an intimacy that I shared with the Haitian women that I’ve never been able to share with women from other races, and I continue to long for that connection. I just want to feel at home but finding a Haitian woman that shares my interests is so difficult.

  4. “What do you think? Do people who share genetic traits have an obligation to reproduce with each other?”

    Absolutely not. Although I agree with the other comments that there is sometimes a sense of understanding that can be achieved with your same race that you may not be able to get with someone of a different race…we shouldn’t feel bound to our own lane just because of that. When you date outside your race you learn to find that type of understanding in other ways through friendships, sharing your experience or family time.

    I don’t believe cancelling out a certain type of relationship is the way to go… your future husband could be any shade and you wouldn’t want to miss out on that by knocking one race completely off your radar.

  5. Not afraid to speak out. I am a BLACK woman that STILL holds an allegiance to BLACK men and my race. Not running from my brothers! And on that note, sadly the black race and the white race are the TWO races that often “run away from one another” more than other races. Just my observation! When the time is right, I will marry and reproduce with a BLACK male (minus the losers, “baby’s daddIES” and those that lack earning power).

    In short, I TOTALLY SUPPORT THE PROLIFERATION OF MY BLACK RACE. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with embracing this. Do not allow others or media influence to “direct” YOUR life’s decisions.

    “Do YOU.” Just be comftable with the choices that you select.

  6. I know this is an old entry, but I’m hoping my opinion, albeit a few months late, won’t be unwelcome.

    If it was better to reproduce only with those who were genetically similar, then incest would definitely be the way to go. I mean, if you want to use that criteria, then it can’t be done half-arsed. Biology has proven that there are more variarions within a race (only 3 human race categories when comparing DNA, IIRC from the last bio book I read) than among races. Skin colour is a polygenic trait. If you are attracted to someone who checks the same box as you, and if you think you might end up committing all kinds of adultery with persons who share your ability to tan flawlessly if in an interracial (or interethnic) relationship, then yes, if it makes you feel better, date within your race.

    But unless you’re polyamorous, it’s silly to allow others’ opinions to have weight in something so personal, unless they are a part of it. I spent most of my life thinking something was wrong with me b/c I wasn’t attracted to black men. I even dated one just to try to “fix” myself, but I felt worse: I was wasting the time of a rather fantastic guy, who deserved to be with someone who could say “I love you” and mean it, someone who actually cared and desired him, not someone who had to learn to learn how to include him in my romantic daydreams.

    I’m sorry for rambling. I guess what I’m saying is that nobody’s obligated to procreate with anybody. God only actually told a few people in various sacred texts to be fruitful and multiply, so I think God would understand if ppl just kept it in their pants for awhile;the earth is way overpopulated, the economy is really bad right
    now, and the ozone layer is expected to resign soon.

    I’ve decided to treat others the way I’d like to be treated when it comes to relationships. For me, that means being with those who I’m attracted to, who share my values and interests and way of life, which I find is much more important than forwhich skin tone a set of nucleic acids coded.

    It took me awhile to accept this aspect of myself, but then again, incest is not an option.

    1. My dear lady you are not alone… alot of hookers will not date black guys either. The bottom line is that educated intelligent black women do not have anything in common with the typical black male and many black males do not have jobs and/or have attitudes that make them undesirable for women to date or employers to hire. It’s really sad but it’s true.

      Factor in the fact that some men of all races are jealous/insecure about their successful wives/girlfriends and you have all the right ingredients for a train wreck..

      I like the Bible verse that says: “It’s best to remain single”

  7. Well I have been told by RBW that I was too much of an Oreo. I know a little of an Oreo faux paux but if the woman is interesting enough and I like her looks I’m sold. The problem was when I was young RBWtold me there was no way in hell they would date me. Which only left me with Hispanics, Indians, Asians, foreign hotties, other Oreo and of course Whites. It wasn’t until after I got my college degree that the same girls were now after me. Yet, they already had a kid or two and I wasn’t ready for an insta family right after college.

  8. I’m living w a black man, I’m white. He never kisses me, just fuck. I miss the intimacy, caressing and touching. I don’t even think he realizes I have breasts…never touches them. A black woman just informed me that black men only kiss if they’re really in love. He says he loves me. He’s 34 n has 6 kids by 4 different women. I’ve been thru hell w him n love him w all my heart. Is this true? Am I just being used? Help me understand please. It’s killing me.

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