Sexy Halloween Costume from The Help

It’s Halloween! And if you’re a girl, you better figure out how to put your primary sexual characteristics on display post-haste!! But what do you do when you want to be sexy and poignant? Check out this video for a great costume suggestion!

PS…The sexy costumes are really getting out of hand. I saw Sexy Watermelon the other day.

This isn't even a dress! It looks like a towel that's been through the dryer one too many times.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!!

For more lessons from The Help, click here for a White People to the Rescue movie primer!

Here are some tips on how to dress as an Oreo on the regular.

And in honor of Halloween, here’s a video about ghosts!


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  1. Damn, you can clean my toilet anytime, if you know what I mean. Also.. well my toilet is actually about what you’d expect from a bachelor’s toilet. I give it a once-over when I expect people, but it can get pretty bad when I don’t. So you could _literally_ clean my toilet anytime. Not sure why you would want to, just thinking out loud here.

  2. I listened to your interview on C.O.W.S. where you mentioned that you didn’t date much, that guys didn’t approach you, and I think you also mentioned your strict parents being responsible for your limited dating habits. But now that you’re older, do you find that men are intimated by you? That’s something a lot of oreo females complain about with regards to, not just black men, but men from any race that they encounter.

    I know my comment seems irrelevant, but I was watching the video, and I just can’t imagine you having trouble finding a man (a white man, of course) if it’s something that you want.

    1. leo, era per dire che nfs gi una serie che perde i colpi su tutte le piattaforme, se poi si mtteono a centellinare anche i poligoni senza sviluppare un sistema di controllo degno del wii, continuer a giocare burnout su pc ed excite truck su wii.

  3. just stop wishing to be white, because you look like a f***** retard. you will never be white bitch. you trying to look like a barbie doll but you look like a chew toy for a dogs. no real white man would be with you you for f****** naive wake up!!!!….

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