Mini Oreos

Little Oreos

Just a roundup of little things that touched my Oreo heart. 🙂

Bill Cosby Still Hates Black People, But Still Manages to Betray the Oreo Agenda

The Oreo agenda was firmly set with The Cosby Show back in the day. I remember my mom gathering us all to watch it when I was a kid. I always wondered why she seemed to be taking such copious notes. But it wasn’t long before I did, too.

In the last few years, Cos has reminded us over and over again that he’s totally embarrassed by Regular Black People. And really, who isn’t?

And this week he reminded us that he still does. Highlights of his speech at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Conference included referring to black kids with the distancing pronoun “it” and calling those children “dirty laundry.”

But there was one thing he said that was so much worse: “There’s no such thing as “talking white.”


My whole identity as a child (and the nice reminder I got the other week) was based on the fact that I talked white. Mr. Cosby, please do not destroy decades of hard work with careless, unresearched sentences!

Another little Oreo. Man, that horse was a good sport.

Twitter is the New KFC?

Reports came out this week that show that Twitter is increasingly–and mostly–black.

It’s well-documented that most Twitter users are minorities, but Pew says the gap between African-Americans—the largest represented group—and white users is growing. In May 2011, there were 16 percentage points more African-Americans than whites on Twitter (25 percent African-American versus 9 percent white). Last November the racial divide was only 8 percent (13 percent African-American versus 5 percent white). One in 10 African-American Internet users visit Twitter every day, double the rate of Latinos and nearly four times the rate for whites, according to Pew.

I just got used to Twitter and now I feel like a plain ol’ RBP for hanging out there. More so because once I participated in #blacktagging – that hashtag take on dissing and The Dozens where jokes get passed around (mostly black Twitter circles) with tags like #wordsthatleadtotrouble and #ifhiphopwashighschool (my response to the latter: Flo Rida would have a hard time in geography class).

To my defense, I had just learned that Flo Rida was an entity and I was very busy being completely blown away that a person, their record label, their producers and friends would think that “Flo Rida” was a good name…for anything.  And that if they had to call it that, they wouldn’t at least change the spelling so that seeing it didn’t bring up images of hanging chads, Disneyland and Miami Snowbirds.

That is YOUR name, Sunshine State. Take it back!

It’s Fro-Yo, not “Fro”-Yo, You Know?

I went into Pinkberry Saturday night for a much-craved frozen treat. I chose what was meant to be an Oreo-appropriate location – Little Tokyo. There are no black people here. Just white people and Asians–who may actually be the whitest group of all (more of this later). This was the conversation:

Pinkberry Worker: Hi, have you been to Pinkberry before?

OreoExperience: You know, I’ve done Menchie’s and Yogurtland before, but not Pinkberry.

PW: Okay, well, our flavors are up there and you can get a sample any flavor you want. Like do you want to try the watermelon?


OE: You know, I think I’m feeling like the tart a little more.

Sigh. I know I liked Yogurtland better, anyway.

But seriously, this stuff is like crack. Only without the baby mamas and unequal sentencing practices.


  1. I like your blog.. it’s very witty and satirical… almost too satirical… this is satire, right? Or do you in fact have this amount of hate for black people?

    Anyway… hopefully all of this is just more so a hobby/pastime as opposed to you actually venting your feelings and thoughts…

    Let me know, I’m genuinely interested in knowing!

  2. TW – Cajuns, those from Minisoota, Bawston, New Joisey, Geowgia, the Valley-speak of Los Angeles suburbs,… Which ‘white’ do you refer?

    Twitter – RBP twiiter so much because no one pays attention to them (The same reason many speak so loudly). On Twitter they can imagine that they have a voice.

    Watermelon – That did NOT really happen…?

  3. I know no such thing as “white talk” I tend to think he was on the MJ and watching too much Fat Albert. Of course there is WT if there wasn’t I would have had so many RBP telling me I talked white. Plus I know it is true because when I use to call my mom at work her co-workers use to shout (I don’t have RBP voice so I can’t even type it.) Hey Patty, their is some white guy on the phone for you, but you have to imagine it in RBP talk. If asked if I wanted watermelon I might be incline to ask why? Violently hated it when I was a kid, but secretly have had a change in heart. Once when I was a camp conselor I heard some shouting out you can do it I am unque. Everyone kept saying as this girl was on the high ropes course. I was in total shock to find out it was her first name.
    I know not anywhere as shocking as the Freak-a-nomics example of the mother who wanted to name her daughter Temptress, as in Tempestt Bledsoe from the Cosby show but didn’t know the spelling. I just got on to twitter also but I don’t feel comfortable using it. O-R-E-O. Also not fair I live close to Nabisco.

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