Post Patrick’s Day Puzzling

Another reason for my Oreo-ness is how people love to celebrate any ethnic holiday other than any ethnic holiday having anything to do with being black.


Hmm, are you really or are you just looking to get some without much effort?



As I indulged in my one whisky and ginger last night, I looked at all the not-Irish people wearing “Kiss me, I’m Irish” shirts. All those of Scandinavian, Mexican, Eastern European descent drinking away, spouting bursts of gaelic and loving the celebration. And I realized nothing like this ever happens on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.


...or on Thurgood Marshall Thursdays.



Man, the Irish had it right. I mean, they were oppressed and do you see them demanding a whole month and bemoaning their past. At one point, the Irish were called the n-words of Europe. But do they march in the streets during the entire month of March, interrupt our regularly scheduled programming with awkward documentaries, find themselves insulted when restaurants serve specials on corned beef and cabbage, get bummed out when America reduces centuries of Irish history into a handful of stereotypes and excuse to make bad decisions or get mad when people put on green face? No. They embrace it.



And make emotionally complex, corkscrew like movies.



Maybe if the blacks would shrink Black History Month into one day full of liquor they might have a better sell.

And, no, by “liquor”, I don’t mean 40s. We could class it up a bit. Whisky gingers are good for all occasions.


Seriously, this thing doesn't offend people? It's like the pickaninny of Western Europe.





  1. All good holidays are drinking holidays.
    Cinco de Mayo – Tequilla y Cerveza
    New Years Eve – Champagne
    Mardi Gras – Whatever can be found
    July Forth – Beer
    Oktoberfest – More beer

    But Junetenth is a stereotype in itself.
    The brotha’s were late.
    The found out late that they were free almost three years prior.

  2. ok, There are three types of people.
    Racist people – Cool people – people who Don’t Care
    There is nothing you can do to sell “Black Holidays” to Racist. The cool people are already aware of “Thurgood Thursays” and the peeps that don’t care, just are way too busy with life to celebrate anything…

    The real question is “Why don’t we have ‘Actual African Holidays’ in America?”

    Tell people they can dress up in wild colors and dance all night to drums while wearing mask and they just might… oh wait that’s “Mardi Gras”

    Well anyways. The biggest issue is “Drinking” there is no Alcohol assigned to “black holidays” its quite the opposite. Most African as well as Asian celebrations are about “being at peace”, or just “dancing to dance” or whatever “spirit needs chasing away” So when you look at it like that. I am kinda happy America hasn’t taken some black cultural thing and perverted it into yet another excuse to get drunk and act the fool in the middle of the week.

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