Trying to Get Sassy…winning?? (VIDEO)

As much as I’m glad that I’m not an RBP, I do appreciate some of the ways they use language.

Of course, I must approve the use of verse much like the bard

…but I also get that being sassy just sounds super cool sometimes. Here’s my trying to sass it up a bit. Let me know what you think!

Do you have an accent? Do you like accents? Tell us about it in the comments!


  1. being sassy is just really getting caught up in a moment so much you start to exclaim phyically or with noices like “mmm hmm” or “well!” you just have to let yourself go and be more confident. stop censoring yourself… Start being sassy with your friends first, then slowly introduce it into your public life…

    btw your “sassy” is better than you “british” you gotta elongate those vowels…

  2. OK, you just had me this close to snorting soda out of my nostrils (and that’s a mental image you could have lived without)…that was hilarious! I agree with the previous commenter, start with inserting “hhmm-mmmm” in your daily speech, it will help, I’m sure.

    Much to my dismay, by the way, husband-dear has been noticing a slight southern twang in my accent recently. Can we say oh-my-god? The other day he asked me a question, and 1) I started my answer off with “well”. Only southerners and British people do that,and 2) it was a drawn out well, so it sounded like “whale”. So embarrassing.

    1. Hate to break it to you, but your Southern accent has been in effect for a while now. 🙂

      I feel like the Southerners and the Brits also share something with the ending of sentences. Southerners putting on a “isn’t that right,” on the end while Brits add the “is it?”

      1. I have a slight Southern accent mixed in with British terminology thanks to my S/O. His accent isn’t as strong as it used to be according to other Brits, but I can’t tell a difference. Living in Atlanta, it is rare to find many “natives” since everyone seems to come from everywhere else. If you go to more rural areas of Georgia, it is like hearing a foreign language.

        1. Totes jeals of your Brit hubby! Where did you guys meet?

          I have some British friends in the ATL. One of them tells a story about going to a Popeyes and trying to order food. Neither the (of color) kid taking the order, nor my friend who’s a super brainy PhD candidate could understand each other.

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