Dog Tags

That bone- or heart-shaped piece of metal hanging from your pet’s collar says a lot about you.  Watch this instructional video to make sure that your pet’s name doesn’t besmirch your good Oreo name!


  1. I have two pied pearl cockatiels named Waldo (as in “Ralph Waldo Emerson” and “Where’s Waldo?” if I were completely honest) and Emma (as in Thompson).

  2. Hi,
    I met you at the pet adoption event this weekend (a total oreo thing to go to by the way), I had the super shy pitbull in my lap. I love your blog, and thanks for showcasing so many adoptable dogs and cats in this hilarious video!

  3. I love those tags!!! I went to Pets mart and had some made for my cats– they never even go out, but I just thought they would be cute on them. I thought I was the only one who did that. Glad to see that I’m not alone:)
    I guess it’s pretty Oreo of me to spoil my pets so much??<>

      1. I have beds for both of them.Phoebe has a little pink bed, and Pasha has a big, tan-colored,doughnut-shaped dog bed because he’s 20lbs. However, they rarely sleep in them because they prefer my bed instead<>

  4. Whoops, forgot. My cats are Pasha(I love Russian names!!!) and Phoebe–Greek for “Bright and “Radiant”:-)

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