Oreo News and Thanks!

I know my curtsey needs work, but please know I mean it sincerely! For reals, thanks for all the readings and commentings and whatnots. I really appreaciate it!

So in case you’re wondering why the posts have been more sporadic of late, there’s a couple of reasons.

One, there’s a Tennessee Walker riding competition I’m gearing up for.

And two, I’m ending the year by producing “White Christmas”—a parody video of, well… “White Christmas.” The song tells the story of how OreoWriter hopes her holidays are super anglo-tastic!

I definitely would not be on track to make this video were it not for all the readers and emails and comments. I appreciate it so much and am super excited about this project.

We’ve already got an amazing team of backers (thanks to Geoffrey Plitt and Jason Layden for their early support!) and we would love to have all of you on board, too!!

We are doing the bulk of our fund-raising through Kickstarter. With Kickstarter, backers pledge sponsorships amounts, but no one is charged unless the target budget is raised (or surpassed!). We’re already more than halfway there and look forward to hearing form you. You can see our Kickstarter page at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aydrea/white-on-the-inside-christmas

There are lots of great benefits for backers and investors including personal video messages and lots of promotion for your name or brand. Check out the link and let me know what you think!

We already have a great, creative and successful team and I hope you will join us.


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