Baby Oreos, Coconuts, Twinkies!

Look at these little guys and girls! They’re so excited to see in this woman what they could be. And if they work very hard, what they will be some days.

Awww, reminds me of me when I was their age.

Thanks, Pampers. For ensuring that Oreodom continues from generation to generation.

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  1. OK first how many babies raised in America wear clothing from their native land… cuz last I saw they all wear sponge bob and spider-man shirts

    Maybe I saw something different here… cause it looked like a bunch of little boys flirting with an older woman 🙂 One baby so bold and to steal a hug and kiss…

    oh and seriously, was that woman actually white? she looked Latin to me… one would think since the Latino community are having the most babies a diaper commercial would be directed toward them,the Voice over was Salma Hayek right???

  2. in my opinion, this falls more into the white(ish)/american/bourgeois people to the rescue category (for saving all the exaggeratedly foreign babies through consumerism) than the kids are supposed to aspire to whiteness category. agreed on it sounding like hayek.

    1. Yeah, that was my take on it. And while I approve of trying to get those with privilege to lend support to those without, it sure would be nice if they could stop being quite so racist about it.

      I thought the voice over sounded more like Penélope Cruz.

  3. @ola, well some of the babies look to be girls, so maybe it’s a gay-friendly baby commercial.

    Also, I enjoy how only ethnicy babies need help. There were no little girls in drindls or boys in leiderhosen.

    1. well I do agree that they forced the foreign brown baby angle… especially with all the ethic dressing up… cuz a black baby aint worth saving if it aint from some far off land… I promise you that every baby and woman in this commercial are American… the Asian mother was in a snoop dogg video 2 years ago! 🙂

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