Spidey as an RBP?

I can only hope that one day, people get behind me playing Audrey Hepburn in a film with the strength and fervor the internets are giving to getting Donald Glover, the Community and Derrick Comedy cast member! With an upcoming new installment of Spiderman, lots of folks are hoping that the role which was vacated by Tobey Macguire goes to Donny. There’s a facebook group and a Twitter meme and video of Stan Lee saying that we might very well have had enough race-blind casting in comic movies.

The jury’s still out over here at TOE as to where on the Oreo spectrum Donald falls. He certainly wouldn’t make it as an extra on The Wire, but I don’t know that I’m going to see him at the Grease sing a long at the end of the month, either. He did write for 30 Rock, a show which boasts an Oreo of its own (and also Tracey Morgan, so maybe that’s a draw) and he makes us laugh when he says the n-word very matter of factly. (video in a moment). But he also sports a small fro and sometimes goes a little sassy and he plays football and once rapped a bit on Community.

What do you think? Is the world ready for an of color Peter Parker?Has a race crossover ever gone wrong? What about gender? Happens in theater? Could it happen in superhero world?

And, comic book folks, does he ever get over Mary Jane? Nothing against Kirsten, but man is MJ boring. Now Rachel Dawes…there’s a lady worth getting bent out of shape for.

Below is video of Donald in two of my favorite sketches ever. The second one is NSFW for language.


  1. For me the requirements to play Peter Parker are: youngish (so not looking 25+), geeky/nerdy but not overly so, the ability to look both non-phyiscally intimidating when dressed as Peter and the ability to look commanding when in costume.

    Given that in one comic Peter’s *jeans* attacked him, I’m not too terribly worried about being True To The Comics. You know?

      1. Ugh, I can’t find the original reference. I think it was on the livejournal community scansdaily that has since been closed. But yeah, his pants came to life and attacked him. *snort*

        Every time I think that fans produce some crazy shit, I look at comic books and realize we’ve got not one thing on the original writers.

  2. Once in a She Hulk Comic Spider-Man was in court giving testimony… after a few panels Spidey claims that the reason J Jonah Jameson has been so hard on him in the press is because he is “black” After J Jonah stuttered a bit… Spidey laughs and claims it was all a joke… It was a great moment in comics because for a second everyone believed he was in fact black… Spider-Man can be any race, even a girl… however Peter Parker IS white… and it’s a reflection on that the creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko are white… leave what already is alone, make new better characters for the future, and make hen any color or gender you like 🙂

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