Confession: I am in this Big Boi/Mary J Blige Video

Really…Hey, it’s been a tough couple of years for all of us. And even an Oreo needs to find work when she can.

But instead of lamenting, let’s make it fun. Can you find me? Hit me back (the kids say–as I was told on set) and let me know you’ve spotted me by giving me the time code of where I show up. First one to it gets a personalized mix of the music on my ipod that got me through that day. 🙂


  1. lol, Shame on you for making your readers watch a Big Boi, Mary J Blige video closely… I don’t really know you that well to be playing spot the negro in a hip hop video but I say about 3 minutes 5 seconds in is you peeking in…

  2. What Ola said–

    3:05 seems like it’s you. (to the far right, not the lady who’s gone natural.) XD

    1. It’s a mix-CD…which never sounds as good as “Mix Tape” oooOOOoo, I should definitely put Mix Tape from Avenue Q on it.

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