skin lightening cream

Facebook – now helping your actual, unfortunately colored, face!

I’ve talked before about how much I disagree with skin lightening products like these. In the adverts (ooh, fun British word) for these products, the audience is told that their dingy brown skin is keeping them from a good job/a better apartment/a non-dingy, brown colored lover…ie: happiness.

Um, yeah. That’s kind of a given.

But using skin lightening products is just cheating! The whitening should come from within! It should be your dressage trophies, your extensive Flight of the Conchords collection or your table at French Laundry that makes people think you’re whiter than you are.


Enter facebook. You thought someone not replying to your totally clever status update dinged your self esteem? Well, suck it up and try this!  Thanks to an application sponsored, it seems,  by Vaseline (a corporation, thankfully, that is large enough to reach millions of people with one commercial) you can see what you’d look like if an Oreo’s wildest dreams came true.

This app lets you upload a picture of yourself, then correct your skin tone to see what you would look like if God were just a tick kinder.

Log on, give it a whirl and let us know how it goes!!