Diary of a Mad White Black Woman: Fried Chicken Confession

Dear Diary,

I apologize. I am abject. I throw myself on the mercy of the court.

I would never have cooked it if a dear friend hadn’t asked. And I would never have eaten it if it wasn’t so amazeballs delicious… I mean… close to my face… I mean …the only way I could have saved those orphans. Yes! That was it! It was the only way! I swear!

I asked myself after eating if I felt more black. I replied to myself that no, I did not. I only felt ashamed…which is basically the same thing.

There are, however, some times when it’s okay to eat of the chicken… and sometimes I get it right…ish


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  1. You are brave… I haven’t eaten of the chicken since I was in elementary school… the only “chicken” I would eat is the processed rectangular patty of chicken at Burger King..!

  2. Yeah I am offended.
    Just like the Wheres outside video it display a woman of great talent and look only to be let down by the costar.

    This just looks like demo reels for a hire in the unfunny SNL show.
    The show made by the J-star for the white liberals that sooo like the minority and colors and their keeping it real vibe as long as they do not live in that minority and color dominated hood 24/7.

    Is there no love in you for the white male followers that do not fake the laughter at the dry gay borrowing your pencil sharper?

    Time to grow your male blanchetourage or do some one person video. Rather that than seeing you performing as a shicksa. There is no honor in that.

    And by the way love your new hairstyle.

  3. I don’t care what your friend asked for, whether it was related to fried chicken, watermelon, a Nicki Minaj album, unicorn tears, or plutonium (all of which are totally not in my posession, while some I do abhor), I would make sure he got it!!! I mean, just look at him! Damelo!

  4. Had a very hard time with watermelon for the longest. Just refused to even consider it edible then I came over to another country and it was hard to avoid so I ate it. Where the hell is my time machine so I can go back and slap my younger self for denying me this taste.

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