How to Make Oreos – Step 17 – Lose that Leash!

Being an Oreo is hard. (I mean, you’ve read the rules, right?)

It’s a lot of work to maintain this level of self loathing. So I’m always excited when I see others joining in the fight and helping RBP dislike themselves just a little bit more.

S/he helps out a lot, too.

This week we got some help from an animal activist.

A South Los Angeles dog shelter had the complete lack of foresight to make this horrible poster.

Just look at that. Happy African Americans loving an adorable dog. Exactly what message were they trying to send here? That black people can be responsible pet owners? That dogs can be an enjoyable part of a family of color?? That bully breeds might be as misunderstood as populations forced to live in less than ideal circumstances?

The nerve!

Luckily Phyllis Daugherty, Director of the Animals Issues Movement, was there to put a stop to this nonsense.

She said that the posters were problematic because they did nothing but promote stereotypes. Since sometimes, ghetto thugs raise pit bulls for fighting, Daugherty felt there should not be a poster with black people and pit bulls together in any sort of harmony lest all we can think of is Michael Vick.

She alerted the press. And is campaigning to get the poster changed.

And thank God! Can you living in a predominantly minority neighborhood (scary, I know!!!) and seeing positive images of yourself?! It might actually lead you think that being black wasn’t so bad…and then where would you be? Not at the Yacht Club, I can tell you that!



Speaking of Pit Bulls: If you’re in the LA area next weekend, you should totes check out Stand Up For Pits. It’s an adoption/silent auction/comedy event benefiting pit bull rescue in LA. My friends at Angel City Pits are helping organize and I’ll be there, too. So come tell an Oreo hello. 🙂

Pearl will be there to say hello, too!

For more on why I (despite my Oreo efforts) love love love pitties, check out this post and the unbearably sweet video included in it.


What do you think about the poster? About pit bulls? About posters of pit bulls? Let us know and/or share your doggie adoption stories in the comments!


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  1. I’m not a dog person and don’t know much about them, but in Canada (or maybe just the province I live in) they recently past a law that people can’t breed dogs anymore. I don’t know how much this has to do with pit bulls, but people are very upset over this.

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