Oreo Origins: Sleeping With an Old Friend

I finally got around to watching Amadeus last night, (seriously, a lily-white film about classical music–how the eff had I not managed to see this yet?!).

If I could get away with dressing like this at work, I totally would.

Afterward, I changed the DVD, put in some Fawlty Towers turned the volume way down and fell asleep with John Cleese’s voice whispering softly in my ear.

“Coming, my little piranha fish.” “Well have the fire drill when I ring the fire bell.” “I think we’re just out of Waldorfs…”

The Monty Python guys were among my earliest Oreo influences. I remember hearing the lilting accents and specific timing coming from my parents’ bedroom. And I fell in love. Live at the Hollywood Bowl is one performance I wish I had been alive to see. I still can’t believe my mom didn’t flinch when she watched The Meaning of Life with me and the giant star vagina appeared on the screen. The Cheese Shop Sketch totally still makes me laugh. And I was totally having a fantasy of being cast in Spamalot as I was singing along on the drive home last night.

So thanks M and D for the early anglo influences. ‘Twoud not be the Oreo I am today without ’em!

But seriously, could have warned 8-year-old me about the star vagina. I think I was barely aware that I had a vagina, let alone that a whole universe could be stored up inside of one. (money shot is at 2:00 below and it’s just as creepy now!)

What got you excited and inspired when you were a kid? Do you like them as much now as you did then? Let us know in the comments!


  1. One of my first influences was Disney animation, and after growing up and finding out Walt Disney was an insane, woman hating, racist, I still like the actual cartoons…

    Another huge influence was the film Boomerang starring Eddie Murphy… It was your basic ROM-COM but with black people. The thing that made this stand out was that, The characters were all professionals at the top of their game. They were not ghetto or down or their luck, or trying to please white people. They were cool people who were executives and creative minds that just happened to be African American. That image really stuck with me.

    I actually begged my folks to take me to see Batman Returns but my family didnt want to see that so we saw a Rated R Eddie Murphy movie instead…

  2. This may be the ultimate in Oreo existence, but Mr Rogers was my inspiration. He was always so nice and had the coolest button-down sweaters. He never talked down to his audience and he just seemed very calm and gentle. Just seemed like the type of person you would want to have as your Grandfather.

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