Celebrity Surgery to Change Ethnicity and Launch Careers!

My pursuit of whiteness has been once again validated.

Courtesy of Cracked, check out this list of celebrities who, through surgery (–mind you, some of these procedures were done in the 1930s when anesthetic was sketchy at best) , adoption (why not bring some kids into it!) and all out lies (or faux-truths as some of us like to call them), changed their original ethnic heritage for one that made them way better.

Check out the link for the full story, but here are some photo teasers.

I, like every other good American female, have thought about plastic surgery a few times…but I never realized just how much good it could do!

Who doesn’t want to change something about themselves? If you could, money and social stigma being no object, change something about you through surgery, what would it be? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Wow, that’s depressing. There is one thing I’d do for vanity: hair. I’m 50% Sicilian and 45% French. I’d get electrolysis for some of my body hair if I could.

  2. Are you going to transfer you pitiful self hate issues onto your children, if you decide to have some someday? Are you going to drum into them that they are inferior, and they should try their best to be someone eles and deny who they REALLY are?

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