The Minority Report – Megamind

Rejoicing at his advanced tickets to For Colored Girls. He is of color, after all.

Welcome to The Minority Report–a super short Oreo-centric movie review.


The minority population of Metrocity consists of  one black baby who has a black mother and two brown guys in prison. Wondering if one of them is the baby daddy.

Also, there is apparently only one woman worth falling in love with in the whole city.

Questions: What do you think of characters who are not traditional colors. Like Mr. Mind. Does making someone blue (or green or magenta or an animal or whatever) remove/augment/affect ethnicity at all? Any funny, goofy ethnic actors come to mind who could have played Mega…or any of the other roles for that matter?


  1. I can’t speak to Mr. Mind, having not seen the movie. But I imagine it would depend on what other ethnic signifiers were included for the character. The voice can give clues, clothes, living arrangement, vocation, etc. But also facial features, the eyes and nose and mouth, facial hair. If those signifiers still scream White Person, then it really doesn’t matter that the character is blue or pink or polkadot.

  2. I think this movie is one of the many forerunners which will seek to break the mould of white/black imagery mold for good and evil. If you look at other comparatively recent movies like Bolt and the like, there is little effort to obfuscate the imagery…I think the script writers are slowly realizing that the imagery has been overtaken by the times. The truth is hard to bury. There is an African proverb that says that it is hard to cover fire with a blanket…it will eventually burn thorugh. If there is a half of the universe which is light, the other is dark…and both are important.

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