My Head’s All Spinny

I don’t know what it is about spin class that makes me clearly delusional.

I start off feeling all frumpy and gross in my sweats…as I think one is meant to feel in front of an ever-peppy instructor with thighs that don’t touch and happy faces on her bike shoes. I’m less than plussed about biking in front of this mirror because I can see all the wrong, wobbly bits.

But then, something happens.

I don’t know if it’s hearing Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger on the warm up, Helena on the uphill or heck, Mickey on the cool down downhill, but by the end, with the endorphins racing, I look in the mirror and think that I should be rocking a runway without even showering. 

Does this happen to anyone else? This weird sense of I can do anything post workout? Am I not breathing from my diaphragm, so it’s just the asphyxiation setting in? Whatever it is, I wish I could bottle it. Anyone know how?


  1. I think it’s the endorphins. I always felt so shiny after gym class, even when I’d done something insane like quad exercises and wound up nearly falling down the stairs.


    I’m flattered. XD
    And I know what you mean.
    It’s gotta be the endorphins or the adrenaline or something.
    I get it too.
    Not that I work out, because I don’t, but doing a one-person moshpit in the living room takes some real work. 😀

  3. Yeah, adrenaline pump. The same phenomenon that makes it difficult to drive home normally after experiencing a James Bond movie.

  4. I wish I had that reaction to a workout. I usually just have the urge to replace the calories I just burned with a large milkshake.

    1. Seriously? You can buy body by-products from this place?

      One of my favorite (because it was set at a rodeo) episodes of CSI involved the black market sale of boy bull by products. Some interesting machines devised for the purpose of collecting said materials. I wonder what it’s like to be in the product development room of that company.

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