Sandra Does it Again

Even overseas, good news travels fast.

Thank you, Sandy. Thank you.

For more Sandra-tasticness, check out this clip where she pays tribute to Latina/o culture. It’s six minutes of your life that you will not regret. Really.


  1. What better way to take control of your own femme-tastic destiny than to divorce your cheating husband and then raise a baby on your own. Thank you Sandy for showing us the way.

  2. Okay, now I’m confused, OW. Are you praising Sandra for adopting a(n of-color) baby? Are you criticizing Sandra for succumbing to pressure to make fun of Latino/a culture? I have to admit, I *do* love the Chola lipstick.

    1. I am praising Sandy for making black and latino people dislike themselves just a bit more. 🙂 I mean, think about the joy her son will feel when he watches The Blind Side through his obligatory football helmet and realizes that he would have been just a lowly statistic had the nice white lady not saved him…and the rest of his kind. And making fun of Mexicans…I means she could have chosen to take part in a a program that did smart satire around the reason we have an immigration problem in the first place…or she could have made fun of Mexicans and perpetuated a shit load of stereotypes. As an Oreo, I know which I’m voting for! I’m not gonna hate the skin I’m in all by myself!

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