Entendres, Double

A quick google search of the name of my own blog turns up the fact that “The Oreo Experience” is also a sex position.

In case the imagery didn’t immediately click in, the term describes two men of color experiencing one anglo woman. 

This is obviously upsetting…Two men of color in such close proximity–very un-Oreo! Not an Oreo experience at all. 

It also brings up a philosophical conundrum in the mind of male Oreos. Regular black guys love white women. So a male Oreo really should date a lady of color to as not to seem to be an RBP. But lady Oreos like myself really can’t date men of color or we become RBP. 

What’s an Oreo to do when it comes to dates? 

My suggestion for the gentlemen is not to jeopardize the hard work of ladies like myself and therefore, to make sure that your chosen light-skinned date is especially so. Brunettes will do, but a redhead would be great. Bonus points for a

When it comes to dating, you are either in or you are out. Choose wisely so that you say in the game.


 Scandinavian–especially if you can work a few words of Norwegian or Flemish into the conversation. 

Or to be gay. Your average RBP and the Friends of Dorothy don’t tend to commune. Except, of course, when they’re getting their hair did.


  1. Excellent commentary as usual from The Oreo Experience. Thanks a lot for sharing your talents on The Context of White Supremacy radio program. It was a privilege to speak with you. I hope you can join us again and inform my audience about the double meaning of your name – we would find that most interesting. Oh yes, your thoughts on Chris Matthews were priceless. Perhaps I wouldn’t be operating my radio program if White people didn’t think of me as a Negro. Keep up this scintillating blog. Cutest oreo comedy writer in California by a long shot!

  2. Hi, Gretchen!Merry Christmas. I made your Oreo pops for goodie bags. And they were a hit! People who I know don’t do ahniytng in the kitchen aside from cleaning dishes were asking for the recipe.Well, my wedding will be on February 11. I plan on making the Oreo pops for the candy bar. So my question is: if I make a large batch of the pops and freeze them, how long do you think they would be good for? How about the buttercream?Have a wonderful holiday season! Thanks for sharing your great recipes and tips.Antonette

  3. Sorry Crumb Boss:My bad, didn’t see your Oreo Cookie Cupcake recipe!Just made them and they are amnazig, going to take them to work tomorrow.Thanks again for all of the videos as they are wonderful and make things feel so simple to make. Although I know how to bake, from your videos it feels that my time in the kitchen has been cut in half.Thanks to the producer for keeping things lively!Such a joy to see such positive energy, it lifts everyone up!

  4. It’s wrong to deny who you are, but it’s a sin to pretend to be something you’re not. No matter how much you convince yourself otherwise, straight up!!!

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