Oreo Awards

In the ongoing effort to encourage and support Oreo efforts everywhere, The Oreo Experience will occasionally point out the good work of the assimilating. 

Today’s tip of the hat goes to Darryl Bell. 

DarrylBell1You may remember Darryl from 80s and 90s hit A Different World

Darryl is now a cast member on Fox Reality Channels Househusbands of Hollywood

In a recent episode, Darryl said, at a table of the privileged class, “I never claimed to have any basketball ability.” 

Congratulations, Darryl. A line like this, coupled with his exclusive lifestyle helps make up for his stint on a black sitcom, the vestiges of a light ethnic accent, being coupled to a lovely lady of color, Tempest Bledsoe and the fact that he is named Darryl.

Keep up the good work, kid. We’ll be rooting for you.

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