Rush Calls Obama an Oreo – So Wrong

So Rush Limbaugh took a few seconds to call Barack Obama an Oreo. (wait for it, the rant about food and health does lead to the name calling).

There is very little that he could have said here that would be more inappropriate.

As discussed in the FAQ and a previous entry, Barack Obama is not an Oreo. President Obama has the good fortune to be mixed race…and half white.

I get a fair number of people asking why mixed race people are not considered Oreos. While they may be called Oreos by society, especially if their melanin levels favor the darker parent, mixed race kids have a distinct advantage. They are 23 chromosomes closer to the goal. 

While true, and single-raced Oreos have to fight and mentally struggle to summon up the whiteness, mixed race people already have the whiteness in them. And while we welcome their associative membership in the clan, they may not get full Oreo voting privileges. Though the matter is still up for discussion.

In the meantime, they will have to be content being that much closer to that which we all want to be. 

We should all be so lucky.


  1. What is the matter with this guy? He is the fattest tub of margerine the food industry must love him. Look how we control Rush! He can’t say no to a tub of margerine or a whole row or Four of cookies. He probably eats in bed!

    President Obama must just shake his head – what can you do with dumbness like Rush…and people follow this BS?

    A republican with a brain!

  2. I agree and am also a fellow Republican. What a knot head! Needs to go back to his closet and take some more drugs. What a fat disgrace to society.

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