Crack and AIDS Didn’t Work

…so now they’re trying to kill us off with Type 2 diabetes.

bg_adsYes, food giant McDonald’s has taken on the plight of the person of color and is proving their commitment to the race with a huge web campaign. With rotating banner ads touting basketball, gospel music, Essence Magazine and food that has been “southern fried,” Ray Kroc’s legacy is apparently, keeping it real.

But since nothing will make a person of color hate themselves more than having this website dedicated to them, Oreo numbers should be up in no time. I will ready the coronation boots and see you in Vermont!

And don’t think they missed the chance to show us the truth and remind us what we are all striving for. Check out this list of work opportunities with the company. Notice that only the person sans color is capable of going “beyond management.” It’s moments like this that keep the goal in mind keep our hope alive.

And they love Asians, too! I’ll let you find where they teach users to say “Let’s go do some karaoke.”


  1. Yeah, every time I see a McDonald’s commercial I think, “I’m the wrong color to eat there” and “I’m not cool enough to eat there” and “I don’t listen to the right kind of music to eat there”. (they’re really not doing a good job tapping into the 18-35 white female market) So why do I keep eating there?? I guess it’s for the hope of what could be… Yes, I can.

  2. I’m really disappointed because I was planning on taking a trip to an inner city McDonald’s and I noticed there weren’t any key African phrases. What happens if I want to go to a black karaoke bar? Not only will I not be able to rally my friends to go, but I won’t be able to request my favorite rap song when I get there. Ba da dat da da I’m not loving it!

  3. OMG Myinspirasian OMG. I can’t help but think of that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm: “Are you my Caucasian? Are you my Caucasian?”

    My favorite part of the Myinspirasian page is the “Shock Your Friends by Mastering some NEW Asian phrases” section. (What were the old Asian phrases, one wonders.)

    Key phrases include:

    – Check out my new cellphone.
    (the aforementioned) – Let’s go do some karaoke.
    – What’s your name again?
    – Are you busy this weekend?
    – How do I eat this?
    – Me love you long time.

    Finally! A list of phrases to get me through a long weekend in Bangkok. Yes!

    I haven’t looked at the 365Black site yet, but I fervently hope there’s a corresponding list of key phrases.

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