Ext. Simian Exhibit – Los Angeles Zoo

OreoWriter and WhitePal stand outside of a Great Ape exhibit. OW stares intently ahead. Doesn’t notice WP looking at something on the ground.

WP: Check out this scrilla

OW: It’s a bonobo.*

WP: What?

OW: It’s not a gorilla. It’s a bonobo. Also known as the Pygmy or Dwarf Chimpanzee. They’re brilliant creatures.

WP: That may be so. But this is scrilla.

WP holds up a huge wad of cash.

WP: Someone left a roll of fifties here.

OW: Oh…of course. I knew tha– You know, there are two bonobos who have been taught to communicate through symbols. They could probably count that script…no, scrawl…scrunchi…?

WP: Let’s just go.

OW: I can do this one! Scr….scribble, scroll, screwtape…

WP: Why are we even at the zoo?

OW: Hello! They releasing two new dik diks* into their pen. Like I was going to miss that ribbon cutting ceremony.

(Readers: Please do not assume that my affection for two African animals, the bonobo and the dik dik–Dik-dik_Dennispronounced “deek deek” by the way–relates to any affinity for the continent itself. I can’t help it if these animals are super adorable)


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