Fox and Friends: Should be all for Assimilation; Instead, Hurts the Cause

At just over a minute into this clip, Brian Kilmeade says that Americans suffer because we marry “other species and other ethnics.”

It’s not so much the xenophobia or racism inherent in this sound bite that worries me. It’s that people may listen and make it much harder for ethnics like me to find a pure-blooded American mate.

But it looks like I have some other folks in my corner, working to debunk Kilmeade and keep my options open.



Huffington Post – Super kudos for using the phrase “murder of idiot crows.”


  1. Don’t worry, Oreo. The further you marry from your genetic background, the healthier the kids are, since the least amount of recessive genes get passed on…

    love that he says other “species and ethnics”…i think he was just trying to make some weird point that there is no “american” genetic model like in finland and sweden so those test results could be very different for us because of our diversity..

  2. He’s mistaken. Its not legal to marry another species…yet. Of course, if gay marriage becomes legal that’ll open it up to marry our dogs and stuff. Can’t wait!

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