Guess the Setup to These Racially-Inspired Punchlines…It’s Good for You!

27771942When encouragement comes from someone you know, who knows you and your struggles, that’s great. Chances are, that person understands the work you’re doing, how important it is to you and how far a few kind words can send you. It’s a good thing.

When encouragement comes from a stranger, who knows nothing of you, what you’re doing or how important it is to you, that is phenomenal.

Imagine my joy today then, when on the phone, a client of mine inadvertantly praised me when he began complaining with very colorful language about people, who I can only assume from his vernacular, are black.

Sure it stung a little to hear people I may well be related to so maligned, but just before I yelled, I realized what good work I had done. Neither the tone, timbre of my voice nor any references I had made during our year of working together remotely clued him into the fact that I had been born ethnic.

So instead of yelling, I gave myself a pat on the back and settled in for a little more abuse that hurt in all the right ways.

If this has happened to you, congratulations Rockstar, keep up the good work.

Oh, and remember, so as not to blow your cover, it’s a good idea to know some of the jokes that will surely come your way in a conversation like this. I have included some helpful punchlines below.

  • The pizza can feed a family of four.
  • Put it in a book.
  • The lights are out, how can you count them?
  • It’s gone
  • The cop
  • “No honey, it’s because you’re 23.”
  • A microphone
  • They don’t like any jobs.
  • An auctioneer
  • “Oh, then I use their last names.”
  • From the pepper spray
  • Raisin Bran
  • Crime prevention
  • My bike
  • Cocoa Muffs

Swap out that inspirational poster for these bad boys and watch productivity soar.


  1. Here are a few for you aspiring accidental racists:

    # Chocolate chips
    # “In their circles”
    # You are…. not the father

  2. I was once on the phone with a client and had the following exchange:

    Woman: And your last name is … Yamamoto?

    Me: No, it’s Matsumoto.

    Woman: Oh, right, right. (long pause) Is your husband Japanese?

    Me: (totally confused) I’m not married.

    Woman: Oh. (long pause) Are *you* Japanese?

    Me: I’m of Japanese descent, yes.

    Woman: Ohh! You don’t sound Japanese at all.

    Me: Yeah, I get that a lot.

    Woman: Hahaha!

  3. Apparently I haven’t heard the majority of the jokes referenced above, as the punchlines are neither familiar nor seem remotely inflammatory. I suppose that’s why they’d be the punchlines. [Thank you, no need to enlighten me :)]

  4. you dont have to take that
    be proud of who you are
    dont be scared for someone to figure out your black next time stand up for
    how you feel
    all black people are not bad or what ever it is that raciest people feel we are
    just like they feel some b;ack people are low life bitches
    some white people are also low life bitches
    it really upsets me when i read your blogs
    but hey this is what you like to write about
    this is how you feel so i cant say nothing

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